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Y'Ami Island
Y'Ami {n}
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Y'Ami Island
Y'Ami {n}geogr.
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  • From February 2016 until late 2019 Ross hosted "Live From Studio 5", a current affairs morning show on AMI-audio for AMI Canada. The show was simulcast on AMI-tv beginning in the fall of 2018. Ross moved behind the scenes to become AMI's news director in December 2019. He continued to host as anchor of "The Gazette" on AMI-audio, until September 2021 when he became co-anchor of AMI-audio's daily news show, "The Globe and Mail Today".
  • Ami Pro was a significant competitor to Microsoft Word and WordPerfect Corporation's WordPerfect during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The developers of Ami Pro introduced a number of innovations in Ami Pro that were later adopted by other word processors.
  • Modified AMI codes are a digital telecommunications technique to maintain system synchronization. Alternate mark inversion (AMI) line codes are modified by deliberate insertion of bipolar violations. There are several types of modified AMI codes, used in various T-carrier and E-carrier systems.
  • Demonet was a founding member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI). The AMI gives an annual scholarship in her name to an applicant with "highest academic and personal achievements in the field of visual communications in the health sciences" in programs accredited by AMI.
  • Guy de Maupassant, (1984) Bel-Ami (Bel Ami, or The History of a Scoundrel) Maariv.
  • The Ami was offered in saloon and estate/wagon/break body styles over two generations, the Ami 6 and the Ami 8. The later Ami 8 fastback saloon featured a steeply raked rear window, in contrast to the earlier reverse-raked rear window of the Ami 6 notchback.
  • Moshe published an album in collaboration with Ami Magazine titled "AMI" featuring Yaakov Lemmer.
  • Among the strengths of Ami Pro, successor to Samna Ami, were scientific writing, including equation editing.
  • Ben-Ami is married to Israeli journalist and broadcaster Oded Ben-Ami.
  • AMI-télé is a Canadian, French-language digital cable specialty channel owned by the non-profit organization Accessible Media Inc. (AMI). AMI-télé is a French version of AMI's English-language service AMI-tv, and broadcasts a selection of general entertainment programming with accommodations for those who are visually or hearing impaired, consisting of described video on the primary audio track and closed captioning available across all of its programming. The channel also broadcasts series on accessibility- and disability-related topics.
  • Abu'l-Fadl al-Bal'ami, also known as Bal'ami the Elder (died November 14, 940), was a Samanid statesman from the al-Bal'ami family, who served as the "vizier" of Nasr II from 922 to 938.
  • On 2 March 2010, unaware that the audio files were lost, requested AMI again for the audio files, and 3 days later AMI informed them that their claim had now been accepted, although there was still a dispute of the amount that was to be paid by AMI.
  • A professional organization, the Association for Multi-image International (AMI), was created and had numerous active chapters around the world. The AMI held an annual convention and multi-image competition. Local chapters of AMI in various cities also held regional competitions.
  • The "Ami: From Then On" OVAs are an alternate ending to the "Ami" series, replacing the 1986 theatrical short film "Going on a Journey: Ami Final Chapter".
  • Yoshie's friend, Ami Hyūga, was murdered and desecrated by the Kimura Gang (in the first movie). She was saved and, like Ami in the previous film, received modifications from the same mechanics. Remembering her past, Yoshie decides to avenge herself and Ami.
  • On March 5, 2012, VoicePrint was renamed AMI-audio. The re-branding is part of a new promotional effort by AMI to unify its services under a single brand for easier cross-promotion with AMI-tv and ami.ca.
  • AMI/USA facilitates membership benefits to AMI members living in the United States. Membership to AMI through AMI/USA is offered on an individual basis; schools and institutions are not eligible for AMI membership. Membership benefits include a yearly subscription to AMI and AMI/USA publications, including the quarterly AMI/USA newsletter "AMI/USA News" and the bi-annual AMI scholarly journal "Communications". Members also receive a preferred rate on AMI/USA publications, and receive a discount from AMI approved Montessori materials distributors.
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