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Yahwist <J>
Jahwist {m} <J>
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Übersetzung für 'Yahwist' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Yahwist <J>
Jahwist {m} <J>bibl.
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  • During the 8th century BCE, the monotheistic worship of Yahweh in Israel was in competition with many other cults, described by the Yahwist faction collectively as Baals.
  • ... 49:1-33), which has been attributed according to the documentary hypothesis to the pro-Judah Yahwist source.
  • One of the Yahwist passages from Genesis identifies Haran as the father of Iscah and Milcah.
  • Form critics regard this part of the manna narrative to be spliced together from the Yahwist and Priestly traditions, with the Yahwist tradition emphasizing rest during Shabbat, while the Priestly tradition merely states that Shabbat exists, implying that the meaning of "Shabbat" was already known.
  • Some gods and goddesses were absorbed into the Yahwist religion of the ancient Israelites, notably El (who later became synonymous with Yahweh), Baal and Asherah, until the Babylonian captivity where they worshipped God alone.
  • Van Seters combined his strong interest in historiography with his revisionist work in Pentateuchal criticism in a detailed study of the Yahwist as an "antiquarian" historian writing about Israel’s origins under the influence of Babylonian civilization while in exile in Babylonia during the 6th century BCE.
  • The book of Exodus is also divided between the Yahwist and P, and the usual understanding is that the Priestly writer(s) were adding to an already-existing Yahwist narrative.
  • According to the documentary hypothesis, the Elohist (or simply E) is one of four source documents underlying the Torah, together with the Jahwist (or Yahwist), the Deuteronomist and the Priestly source.
  • Richard Elliott Friedman suggested in his book "The Hidden Book in the Bible" (1999) that the Court History and the Accession History were originally part of a single historical epic written by the Yahwist author covering the history of the Israelite world until the time of David and Solomon.
  • His book "Der sogenannte Jahwist" ("The So-called Yahwist", 1976) appeared at about the same time as two other important works, John Van Seters' "Abraham in History and Tradition" (1975), and Rolf Rendtorff's "Das überlieferungsgeschichtliche Problem des Pentateuch" ("The Problem of the Transmission of the Pentateuch", 1977).
  • Van Seters argues that the Priestly source (P) is not independent from the Yahwist source (J) but indeed relies heavily upon it.
  • Some Old Testament scholars regard the account of the burning bush as being spliced together from the Yahwist and Elohist texts, with the angel of Yahweh and the removal of sandals being part of the Yahwist version, and the Elohist's parallels to these being God and the turning away of Moses's face, respectively.
  • The text of the Torah states that the name of "Asher" means "happy" or "blessing", implying a derivation from the Hebrew term "osher" in two variations—"beoshri" (meaning "in my good fortune"), and "ishsheruni", which some textual scholars who embrace the JEDP hypothesis attribute to different sources—one to the Yahwist and the other to the Elohist.
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