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Zariski topology
Zariski-Topologie {f}
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Zariski topology
Zariski-Topologie {f}math.
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  • carries a Zariski topology. It is not in general a group topology, i.e.
  • Every Zariski coveringpg 21 is Nisnevich but the converse doesn't hold in general.
  • In algebraic geometry, Zariski's connectedness theorem (due to Oscar Zariski) says that under certain conditions the fibers of a morphism of varieties are connected.
  • The Zariski descent refers simply to the fact that a quasi-coherent sheaf can be obtained by gluing those on a (Zariski-)open cover.
  • The analytic topology is finer than the Zariski topology, meaning that every set that is open in the Zariski topology is also open in the analytic topology.
  • The kernel of this map is called the Zariski tangent space of "X" at "p".
  • In the Zariski topology the Kummer sequence is not exact on the right, as a non-vanishing function does not usually have an "n"-th root locally for the Zariski topology, so this is one place where the use of the étale topology rather than the Zariski topology is essential.
  • Zariski proposed the first example of a Zariski surface in 1958.
  • If "V" is an affine subvariety of "k'n" the Zariski topology on "V" is simply the subspace topology inherited from the Zariski topology on "k'n".
  • Zariski–Riemann spaces were introduced by [...] who (rather confusingly) called them Riemann manifolds or Riemann surfaces.
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