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to break a windowein Fenster einschlagen
to break a windoweine Fensterscheibe zerbrechen
to break a window paneeine Scheibe einschlagen
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  • As Chad is about to break a window to get in, "baghead" appears and chases the group through the woods.
  • There were attempts to direct the firefighters through the radio, and soon after the captain requested permission to break a window for ventilation, which was followed by a message that the captain was down.
  • It is said that Lord Leigh would give a silver sixpence to any boy who could break a window of the house with a ball.
  • Officers may also choose to carry a window-punch which is a small metal point on the end of a hammer-type handle, which the officer can use to break a window either to access a car or a residence.
  • Jack Klompus rings again to tell Morty he had to break a window to get into the garage and that the Executives will be in New York City by 2:00 in the afternoon the next day.
  • were able to break a window, and force entry into the room, fumes from the coal stove had claimed the life of Dale.
  • He criticised the regulation of solicitors in 2005. In 2018, he used a hammer to a break a window in the Four Courts due to his concerns over the ventilation in the Master's Court.
  • The Proud Boys contingent constituted a "a large proportion of the first wave" that reached the Capitol, and one Proud Boys member used a seized police shield to break a window to gain access to the building.
  • Rain and Caleb attempt to search Ms McConnell's home again but she hears them break a window and calls the police.
  • She was arrested after two agent provocateurs encouraged her to break a window.
  • It was decided that Blake would break a window at the end of the corridor where his cell was located.
  • Boone was convicted of driving under the influence in 2006 and was arrested on February 1, 2009, after allegedly jumping on car hoods, yanking on a tow truck cable and trying to break a window.
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