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NOUN   a calibrator | calibrators
Eichmeister {m}
Kalibrator {m}
pressure calibratorDruckkalibrator {m}
temperature calibratorTemperatur-Kalibrator {m}
sound level calibrator
Eichschallquelle {f}
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  • The user scans in the AEP barcode on the meter, and the calibrator will use the correct voltage and test amps.
  • Delta Cephei is also of particular importance as a calibrator of the Cepheid period-luminosity relation since its distance is among the most precisely established for a Cepheid, partly because it is a member of a star cluster and the availability of precise Hubble Space Telescope/Hipparcos parallaxes.
  • This applies to both the sound level meter itself as well as the associated calibrator.
  • In principle, retrodialysis can be performed using either the analyte itself (retrodialysis by drug) or a reference compound (retrodialysis by calibrator) that closely resembles both the physiochemical and the biological properties of the analyte.
  • Zeta Geminorum is thus an important calibrator for the Cepheid period-luminosity relation used for establishing the cosmic distance ladder.
  • Calibration may be performed using a stored profile that may vary depending on things such as the type of paper on the printer or with a calibrator, and the printer may also apply some form of color management.
  • The use of a calibrator is often employed in immunoassays.
  • An automatic pressure calibrator is a device that combines an electronic control unit, a pressure intensifier used to compress a gas such as Nitrogen, a pressure transducer used to detect desired levels in a hydraulic accumulator, and accessories such as liquid traps and gauge fittings.
  • 5 metres / 20 to 85 MHz, and initially used the GEE display and calibrator.
  • V1334 Cygni is an important calibrator for models of Cepheid variables, because its presence in triple star system with a close binary pair has allowed its distance to be measured geometrically with 1% accuracy.
  • Their lengths can be estimated from the calibrator shown at bottom left.
  • Monitoring of the proper motion of the individual maser spots in the black hole's accretion disk allowed a direct measurement of the distance to NGC 4258, which provided an important calibrator for the use of Cepheid variable stars as distance indicators.
  • In 2001 Thiele habilitated in the department of mathematics at the University of Hamburg with his work "Von der Bernoullischen Brachistochrone zum Kalibratorkonzept" (From the Bernoullian brachistochrone to the calibrator concept).
  • It has a quartz IF filter with a smooth adjustment of the bandwidth and an integrated quartz calibrator.
  • To provide a test case on systems where ESRT is not yet supported, fwupd is also able to update firmware on the ColorHug color calibrator.
  • Exact information about the intake and its biochemical impact is usually only available in medical situations where radiopharmaceuticals are measured in a radioisotope dose calibrator prior to injection.
  • The object is used as calibrator for Sagittarius A* sharing strong optical variability and polarization with it.
  • TDR techniques can be used to localise the source of the discharge and a reference measurement can be made with a calibrator in order to present the measured pd in pC.
  • 2. Place the calibrator and tighten the lock screw.
  • 3C 286 is one of four primary calibrators used by the Very Large Array (along with 3C 48, 3C 138, and 3C 147).
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