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NOUN   a calibre | calibres
SYNO bore | caliber | calibre | ...
calibre [Br.]Qualität {f}
calibre [Br.]
Kaliber {n} <Kal.>
calibre [Br.]Format {n}
calibre [Br.]Zuschnitt {m} [fig.] [Kaliber]
calibre [Br.]Bohrweite {f} des Geschützes
calibre [Br.]
Seelendurchmesser {m}
2 Wörter
large-calibre {adj} [also: large calibre] [attr.] [Br.]
small calibre {adj} [attr.] [Br.]
small-calibre {adj} [attr.] [Br.]
sub-calibre {adj} [Br.]
3 Wörter
fire arm calibre [Br.]
Waffenkaliber {n}
5+ Wörter
a man of high calibre [Br.]ein Mann {m} von Format
a man of his calibre [Br.]
ein Mann {m} seines Kalibers
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  • Up to early 1942, in the war in North Africa, the Matilda proved highly effective against Italian and German tanks, although vulnerable to the larger calibre and medium calibre anti-tank guns.
  • 5 inch calibre have been the standard medium-calibre gun of the Royal Navy for use against surface, aircraft and shore targets since 1938.
  • In September 2019, Omega introduced a reissue of the calibre 321.
  • The F-Class Open has no limitations on bullet weight, as long as the calibre is 8mm or less.
  • The 24-pounder calibre was consistent with both the French and the British calibre systems, and was a widespread gun amongst nations between the 17th and the 19th century.
  • In the interim Elswick Ordnance continued to develop 8-inch guns in 40 calibre and 45-calibre lengths for export, mainly to Japan.
  • With the same calibre as the British Mallet's Mortar, constructed in May 1857, it is one of the largest-calibre guns ever built, having a larger calibre than both of Germany's Schwerer Gustav and Dora which were [...] railway guns.
  • 37/24 indicates full-calibre with sabot and sub-calibre without sabot — [...].
  • ] calibre [...] bullets, although subsequently a number of cartridges were developed for this purpose ranging in calibre from [...] and firing [...] bullets at the usual black powder velocities of [...].
  • In 1939 the original pair of [...] Mk VII 45-calibre guns were replaced by more modern and [...] longer 6-inch Mk XIII 50-calibre guns from the decommissioned battleship [...].
  • The ships were armed with four [...] /52-calibre guns, four [...] /80-calibre machine guns, and two [...] torpedo tubes.
  • A new survey of the munitions on site in January 1828 revealed a smaller quantity of artillery, including: one 28-calibre iron piece; six 6-calibre iron pieces; 17 13-calibre iron pieces; two 98-calibre iron mortars; 2,500 balls (of various calibres) and 50 9-calibre bombs.
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