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calico printingKattundruck {m}
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Übersetzung für 'calico printing' von Englisch nach Deutsch

calico printing
Kattundruck {m}
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  • Bromley Hall had many subsequent uses, serving as a gunpowder factory during the English Civil War and later as a calico printing works and a residence for wealthy City merchants.
  • Through employing a growing workforce and investing in owning and co-managing a cotton processing/cloth manufacturing business and a calico-printing business, he became a millionaire, and lived, as one of his two main homes, at Chamber Hall in Bury, where his more famous son was born.
  • The calico printing factory of Edmund Potter (located in Dinting Vale) in the 1850s printed 2½ million pieces of printed calico, of which 80% was for export.
  • A significant event in the history of the locality was the establishment of the calico printing works at Lennoxmill during the late 1780s.
  • He also invented some valuable improvements in calico printing.
  • The tree is the source of Indian gum, also known as ghatti gum, which is used for calico printing among other uses.
  • In 1840, Resolve Waldron and Charles Benson established a chemical factory for the manufacture of pyroligneous acid, much used in calico printing.
  • On the initiative of Nicolaus Druckenmüller, he trained as a calico printer in Germany, worked at Troost's calico printing works in Mülheim and then worked at the chemical firm Roberts, Dale in Manchester.
  • Hayfield became known for spinning, weaving and calico printing.
  • A calico-printing works drew water power from the culverted River Wansunt in early Victorian times, being later adapted for the manufacture of rubber goods, then felt and finally Brussels carpets.
  • Though it did not profit him, the idea was eventually applied on a large scale by a syndicate to engraving patterns on copper cylinders for calico printing in Manchester.
  • They worked in the woolen shop, the calico-printing shop or one of the many others.
  • The mill was rebuilt and used for calico printing, dyeing and bleaching.
  • The town has a rich industrial heritage, being home to James Hargreaves, inventor of the spinning jenny and Sir Robert Peel of calico printing fame.
  • Audenshaw is a market town Audenshaw expanded as a centre for textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era with inhabitants employed in hat-making, cotton-spinning, calico-printing, and silk-weaving.
  • The Peel family descends from Robert Peel, who established a calico-printing firm in Blackburn in 1764.
  • Ellen Turner was the daughter and only child of William Turner, a wealthy resident of Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, who owned calico printing and spinning mills.
  • As a young man, Cobden was a successful commercial traveller who became co-owner of a highly profitable calico printing factory in Sabden but lived in Manchester, a city with which he would become strongly identified.
  • and the Ahmedabad Manufacturing & Calico Printing Co.
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