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NOUN   cession | cessions
cessionsAbtretungen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'cessions' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Abtretungen {pl}
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  • This was the first of many territorial cessions.
  • On June 26, 1794, the federal government and the Cherokee signed the Treaty of Philadelphia, which essentially reaffirmed the land cessions of the 1785 Treaty of Hopwell and the 1791 Treaty of Holston.
  • 1862: British negotiated with Kosoko and obtained from him cessions of Palma and Lekki. Koso, Oshodi Tapa and others left Epe and returned to Lagos on 16 September 1862.
  • Meanwhile, the Romanian government had acceded to Italy's request for territorial cessions to Bulgaria, another German-aligned neighbor.
  • In late-1800s dealings including land cessions, the government repeatedly acted as if the Arapaho were a party of their reservation and its resources by including them in cession discussions like the sale of the Thermopolis Hot Springs.
  • The Wampanoag gradually lost their lands during the period of European colonization through land cessions and violent conflict with white settlers.
  • The spreadsheet section in part 2, pages 781 – 948 is titled "Indian Land Cessions in the United States."
  • The Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 brought squatters who forced land cessions upon these four tribes until they removed to Indian Territory in 1867.
  • Registration has a bearing on cessions of such leases or subleases.
  • The following are land grants, cessions, defined districts (official or otherwise) or named settlements made within an area that was already part of a U.S.
  • It was re-notified as 'Indian reinsurer' under Insurance Act, 1938 and continued to receive obligatory cessions from direct insurers.
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