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NOUN   a cetacean | cetaceans
Waltiere {pl}
Zetazeen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'cetaceans' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Waltiere {pl}zool.T

Zetazeen {pl}zool.
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  • Cetaceans have also had an extensive history with humans.
  • Like other members of the family Pakicetidae, which are considered the earliest and least specialized of the archaic cetaceans, a group of terrestrial mammals from which cetaceans were previously thought to have evolved.
  • The list of extinct cetaceans features the extinct genera and species of the order Cetacea.
  • This research has generated meaningful information on the distribution and abundance of cetaceans in the Gulf of Tonkin.
  • As the general public in Hong Kong knows little about these creatures, the HKDCS believes local cetaceans have not received sufficient protection from the locals yet.
  • The Vancouver Aquarium responded to criticism with an open letter in which they explained that it was their policy not to capture cetaceans from the wild and that the aquarium played a role as a home for rescued cetaceans that cannot be returned to the wild.
  • Basilosauridae is a family of extinct cetaceans. They lived during the middle to the early late Eocene and are known from all continents, including Antarctica.
  • The classification of artiodactyls was hotly debated because the ocean-dwelling cetaceans evolved from the land-dwelling even-toed ungulates.
  • Cetaceans are the sole mammals to have evolved hyperphalangy.
  • Animal Justice supported the passage of Bill S-203 that phases out the practice of keeping cetaceans in captivity in Canada and prohibits breeding of cetaceans and collecting reproductive materials from them.
  • Blowholes in cetaceans are also sometimes referred to as spiracles, but they are not homologous with the spiracles of fish, having instead developed from the trachea.
  • Topics such as cetacean species and their ecology, impacts of human activities on cetaceans, as well as technical scientific studies of cetaceans at sea are discussed.
  • "Brucella ceti" is a gram negative bacterial pathogen of the Brucellaceae family that causes brucellosis in cetaceans.
  • Main fields of scientific activity of Guram Mchedlidze were: a fossil dolphin, Tertiary cetaceans, phylogenesis of cetaceans, ancient mammals, etc.
  • The short-finned pilot whale is covered by the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas (ASCOBANS), and the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS).
  • At Lystrup Enge, Yderhede and other places the bones of cetaceans and pinnipeds have been found; specifically, of killer whales, the white-beaked dolphin, and the bottlenose dolphin among the cetaceans.
  • The Action Plan for small cetaceans contains eight thematic sections: National, Regional and International Collaboration and Cooperation; Legislation and Policy; Ecosystem/Habitat Protection; Threat Reduction; Research and Monitoring; Capacity Building; Education and Awareness; Tourism Based on Small Cetaceans.
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