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ceteris paribus {adv}unter sonst gleichen Umständen
ceteris paribus {adv}
unter sonst gleichen Bedingungen
ceteris paribus [with other things the same]
ceteris paribus <c. p.; cet. par.> [alles andere bleibt gleich]
caeteris / ceteris paribus {adv} [literally translated as "with other things the same," or "all other things being equal or held constant"]unter sonst gleichen Bedingungen <c.p., cet. par.>
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  • The marginal product of capital (MPK) is the additional output resulting, ceteris paribus ("all things being equal"), from the use of an additional unit of physical capital, such as machines or buildings used by businesses.
  • It suggests that the more a society has to invent and innovate, "ceteris paribus", the more easily the society will raise its living standards and lower resource scarcity.
  • "8" and "0" were – like "laudabilis præ ceteris" – exceptional grades. You would fail if you had two or more zeroes in your exam.
  • However, mental predicates may be allowed in what are called "hedged laws" which are just strict laws qualified by "ceteris paribus" (all other things being equal) clauses.
  • then, "ceteris paribus", quantities demanded of that good should go down.
  • Philosophers who do believe in exception-less, universal, fundamental laws of nature are in recent times more often referred to as "fundamentalists", however these who present "anti-laws" efforts (for instance showing that in many cases laws of sciences are ceteris paribus laws) "pluralists" are in the minority.
  • It is necessary to be clear of the 'fine structure' of the inputs before proceeding. In this, ceteris paribus is disambiguating.
  • Obviously, ceteris paribus, an actual fall in output depresses the desired stock of capital goods and thus net investment.
  • but denies any morally significant distinction "ceteris paribus" between heterosexual and homosexual expressions.
  • One of the disciplines in which "ceteris paribus" clauses are most widely used is economics, in which they are employed to simplify the formulation and description of economic outcomes.
  • The supply curve represents the amount of food intake that industry professionals would permit a model to consume in order to maintain a certain value, ceteris paribus.
  • The use of the equation is limited to a situation where there are steady state ceteris paribus conditions, and factor interactions are tightly controlled.
  • In Florence Nightingale's "Notes on Nursing", she states "there are many physical operations where "ceteris paribus" (all else being equal) the danger is in a direct ratio to the time the operation lasts; and "ceteris paribus" the operator's success will be in direct ratio to his quickness".
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