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coccoid {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'coccoid' von Englisch nach Deutsch

coccoid {adj}
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  • Gram-positive, nonmotile, acid-fast and coccoid to short rods.
  • They can be single-celled (coccoid or flagellate), palmelloid or filamentous.
  • The archaea of the genus "Ignicoccus" have tiny coccoid cells with a diameter of about 2 µm, that exhibit a smooth surface, an outer membrane and no S-layer.
  • W. H. Harvey (1811–1866) and Lamouroux (1813) Even the nonmotile (coccoid) microalgae were sometimes merely seen as stages of the lifecycle of plants, macroalgae, or animals.
  • A22 acts as a reversible inhibitor of the bacterial cell wall protein MreB, causing bacterial rod-shaped cells to form coccoid cells.
  • "Cellulosimicrobium cellulans" is a pleomorphic Gram-positive bacteria. Initially, "C.cellulans" are rod-shaped bacilli that become more coccoid as the bacteria grows and matures.
  • "Methanoculleus submarinus" is a methanogen. It is non-motile and highly irregular coccoid-shaped (with average diameter of 0.8-2 μm). Nankai-1 is its type strain.
  • "Halococcus dombrowskii" is an archaeon first isolated from a Permian alpine salt deposit. It is an extremely halophilic coccoid with type strain H4T (= DSM 14522T = NCIMB 13803T = ATCC BAA-364T).
  • "Jeotgalicoccus psychrophilus" is a gram-positive bacterium. It is psychrophilic, it growth between 4 and 34 °C. To this also refers the selected species name. The cells are coccoid.
  • "Thermococcus profundus" is a hyperthermophilic archaeon isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent. It is coccoid-shaped with 1–2 μm in diameter, designated as strain DT5432.
  • "Sulfolobus metallicus" is a coccoid shaped archaea.
  • "Methanolobus tindarius" is a methanogen archaeon. It is marine, mesophilic, coccoid, lobal and monotrichous flagellated. They were isolated from coastal sediments.
  • "Lautropia mirabilis" is a gram-negative, polymorphic, motile, coccoid bacteria, Its status as a new species was validated in 1995 by the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology.
  • The cells are coccoid, Gram-positive, catalase-positive, and oxidase-positive, with a diameter of 0.89–1.21 micrometres.
  • "Staphylococcus muscae" is a Gram-positive coccoid bacterium belonging to the genus "Staphylococcus".
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