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NOUN   dalliance | dalliances
SYNO coquetry | dalliance | dawdling | ...
dallianceSpielerei {f}
dallianceTändelei {f}
dallianceVerzögerung {f}
dallianceAufschub {m}
dalliance [love affair]Pantscherl {n} [österr.] [ugs.] [Liebelei]
dallianceSpiel {n}
vacation dalliance [Am.]Urlaubsflirt {m}
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  • Brynne said she was unable to forgive "her publicity-obsessed husband for a reported dalliance with another woman more than 18 months ago".
  • Part parody, part space opera, "Star Crossed" pays oblique homage to Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" as the dalliance of the two lovers draws the attention of various political factions within the Solar System including that of human beings who live in a pod colony in orbit near Jupiter.
  • Meanwhile, the exotic Mrs Yajñavalkya, a black masseuse and chiropodist, attempts to procure a sexual dalliance with Thetis' virile brother David for the centenarian Lady Parvula de Panzoust.
  • Such events became a popular subject in French 18th-century painting, representing a glamourized aristocratic form of pastoral, with "scenes of well dressed dalliance in a park setting".
  • However, the next morning, she makes it clear to him that it was a one-time dalliance.
  • According to a 1910 European source, she would take lovers, but would kill them after a brief dalliance.
  • "Poison" was about Idol's increasing dalliance with heroin, and the psychological dangers that he sensed were present in the lifestyle that he had embarked upon in pursuance of pop music stardom.
  • The couple is often depicted in the Puranas as engaged in "dalliance" or seated on Mount Kailash debating concepts in Hindu theology. They are also depicted as quarreling.
  • Upon learning of her husband's dalliance with Nunakawahime, Suseribime became extremely jealous.
  • He has a dalliance with Fanny, but ultimately leaves her to take a job as a sailor on a ship sailing the world.
  • At the end of the novel in 1910 Jack's dalliance with Myrttle are revealed, passing down to Jay's lineage. The shrunken head is stolen from Myrttle. London.
  • "Mavourneen" is a 1915 historical comedy play by the British writer Louis N. Parker. It portrays a dalliance between Charles II and an young Irish woman in Restoration England.
  • Her dalliance with a Swedish baron irritated George William that he attacked the baron at table with a stick and had his wife taken to Plassenburg.
  • Franck's final dalliance into Afro jazz would be the EP, "21.12.2012 (Truth or Lies? ...
  • Watts quickly abandoned his dalliance with social realism, and returned to allegorical themes.
  • This section also contains a long, descriptive childhood recollection, focusing on a young Kohler's infatuation with candy, as well as a brief dalliance with gambling addiction.
  • But when a casual dalliance between her and Gregory, a film director, starts to turn serious her husband shows very traditional signs of jealousy.
  • At this time, Vilatte began his dalliance with Polish Roman Catholics who, dissatisfied with non-Polish Roman Catholic priests, sought to set up an independent Catholic church at the urgings of the priests [...] and Franciszek Hodur.
  • Like many shows during Cartoon Network's late-2000s dalliance with live-action programming, this show is also notable for being a more modern example of lost media; five of the six episodes can be found on the internet, with only a brief clip existing for the remaining episode.
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