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electric stimulation
Elektrostimulation {f}
electric stimulation
elektrische Stimulation {f}
electric acoustic stimulation <EAS>
elektrisch-akustische Stimulation {f} <EAS>
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  • Athletic training rooms are located under the home bleachers. The training rooms are equipped with electric stimulation machines, ultrasound unit, a paraffin wax machine, and a large whirlpool.
  • Electric stimulation of the auditory system via cochlear implant is a commonly used technique for individuals with a severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss, as well as for those adults and children with some residual hearing.
  • He has already raised funds and donated two Functional Electric Stimulation bikes which are booked and used around the clock, by Balletto himself and others with paralysis injuries to maintain muscle health and prevent atrophy.
  • Ionithermie is a service offered in some spas that involves the application of electric stimulation followed by different topical applications that vary depending on the practitioner.
  • The EEG arousal response to auditory stimulation and to electric stimulation of the mesencephalic reticular formation, posterior hypothalamus and centromedian thalamus is significantly suppressed.
  • The printhead moves across the array, and at each spot uses electric stimulation to deliver the protein molecules onto the surface via tiny jets.
  • These include proper positioning, range of motion exercises, motor retraining, and adjuvant therapies like neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES) (e.g.
  • In some cases intermittent relief is reported from chiropractic manipulations and electric stimulation.
  • An examination of why few orthopedic surgeons used electric stimulation for treatment of bone fractures, despite evidence of positive outcomes, concluded that high costs and inconsistent results were the principal reasons.
  • In this test increasing electric stimulation to nerve is given until the facial twitch is seen then it is repeated to affected side.
  • Galvanic vestibular stimulation, which creates the illusion of motion by electric stimulation of the vestibular system, is another technique being explored for its potential to mitigate or eliminate the visual-vestibular mismatch.
  • From 1959 until 1973 Ranck analyzed the flow of electric current in brain, electrical properties of glia, electric impedance of brain, release of potassium from neurons in a seizure, and which elements are activated in electric stimulation of brain.
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises can improve sexual dysfunction caused by neuropathy. Electric stimulation of the plantar aspect of the foot showed improved balance and sensation when performed daily.
  • ] electric stimulation during surgery. The volumetric procedure was invented by Kurt Freund and is considered to be particularly sensitive at low arousal levels.
  • ... transcranial magnetic stimulation or transcranial electric stimulation, tES, such as tDCS or transcranial alternating current stimulation, tACS).
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