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NOUN   an electric stove | electric stoves
electric stoveelektrischer Herd {m}
electric stove
Elektroherd {m}
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Übersetzung für 'electric stove' von Englisch nach Deutsch

electric stove
elektrischer Herd {m}

Elektroherd {m}electr.gastr.
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  • The company went on to produce New Zealand's first electric stove in 1925 but struggled to modernise its operations.
  • In 1913, Lloyd Groff Copeman and his wife Hazel Berger Copeman applied for various toaster patents, and in that same year, the Copeman Electric Stove Company introduced a toaster with an automatic bread turner.
  • With success, Elmer Woggon acquired a new home at 1650 North Cove Boulevard in Toledo, but on February 21, 1942, thieves ripped out a bay window of the house and made off with the refrigerator, bathroom fixtures and parts of an electric stove.
  • Lloyd Groff Copeman (December 28, 1881 – July 5, 1956) was an American inventor who devised the first electric stove and the flexible rubber ice cube tray, among other products.
  • Most electric stove and oven heating elements are constructed in a similar manner.
  • For example, heat is conducted from the hotplate of an electric stove to the bottom of a saucepan in contact with it.
  • Kālua pig is a main tourist attraction at many lūʻau, though it is sometimes made using a gas or electric stove with artificial mesquite or kiawe liquid smoke.
  • A current is run through the object until it is red hot, like the burners on an electric stove, and it is brought into contact with the tinder, lighting it.
  • Induction cooking is performed on an electric stove using direct induction heating of cooking vessels, rather than relying on indirect radiation, convection, or thermal conduction.
  • Westinghouse entered the major appliance industry by acquiring the "Copeman Electric Stove Company" in 1917.
  • Other methods are to use a tajine in a slow oven or on a gas or electric stove top, on the lowest heat necessary to keep the stew simmering gently.
  • The title of the song is a reference to water overflowing from a kettle and landing on the hot metal coil heating element of an electric stove, and lyrically the song represents the "stinging sensation" that occurs from this event.
  • In 2011 he wrote the introductory essay to a reprinted edition of "Thermo-Electrical Cooking Made Easy", by Nora Curle-Smith, first published in Kalgoorlie in 1907, and claimed to be the world’s first cookbook for an electric stove.
  • Warren Noble (1885–1950) was a British-born American automotive engineer and inventor, the inventor of an electric stove.
  • Universal Air Lines promoted the new era of air travel with its "Sky Dinner" Fokker Trimotors, with the conveniences of a Pullman train, which amounted to an electric stove prep area, folding tables, and a lavatory.
  • The plugs and sockets used to power electric stoves from a single-phase line have to be rated for greater current values than those used with three-phase supply because all the power has to be transferred through two contacts, not three.
  • Once electric power was widely and economically available, electric stoves became a popular alternative to fuel-burning appliances.
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