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electric strength
Spannungs­festigkeit {f}
electric field strength
elektrische Feldstärke {f}
strength of electric current
elektrische Stromstärke {f}
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  • A biased reptation model applies at higher electric field strength, whereby the leading end of the molecule become strongly biased in the forward direction and pulls the rest of the molecule along.
  • Similarly, the intensity of electromagnetic forces depends upon the strength (electric charge) of the electromagnetic field.
  • A nascent environmental movement has been noticed by NGO's - and it is gaining strength, as the example of local resistance against the building of a Chinese hydro-electric dam in the Areng Valley shows.
  • The internal electric dipoles of a ferroelectric material are coupled to the material lattice so anything that changes the lattice will change the strength of the dipoles (in other words, a change in the spontaneous polarization).
  • The quantity being measured can be the voltage, the current in a circuit, or a field vector such as electric field strength or flux density.
  • In other electrical engineering the front to back ratio is a ratio of parameters used to characterize rectifiers or other devices, in which electric current, signal strength, resistance, or other parameters, in one direction is compared with that in the opposite direction.
  • In physics, field strength means the "magnitude" of a vector-valued field (e.g., in volts per meter, V/m, for an electric field "E").
  • The simplest kind of EOM consists of a crystal, such as lithium niobate, whose refractive index is a function of the strength of the local electric field.
  • Because permittivity indicates the strength of the relation between an electric field and polarisation, if a polarisation process loses its response, permittivity decreases.
  • Application of electric pulses of sufficient strength to the cell causes an increase in the trans-membrane potential difference, which provokes the membrane destabilization.
  • In practice, the dielectric between the plates emits a small amount of leakage current and has an electric field strength limit, known as the breakdown voltage.
  • Every latex condom is tested for holes with an electric current.
  • Newton's law of universal gravitation follows an inverse-square law, as do the effects of electric, light, sound, and radiation phenomena.
  • Inductive (magnetic) and capacitive (electric) field strengths are near-field effects, and are only important if the device under test (DUT) is designed for location close to other electrical equipment.
  • The cyclone also caused major erosion on several islets of all three atolls, damaging roads and bridges and disrupting electric power and telecommunications systems.
  • Different configurations of magnetic moments and electric currents can result in complicated magnetic fields.
  • The competition between orientation produced by surface anchoring and by electric field effects is often exploited in liquid crystal devices.
  • The electrical units, other than the volt and ampere, are determined by the requirement that any equation involving only electrical and kinematical quantities that is valid in SI should also be valid in the system.
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