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ADJ   enamored | more enamored | most enamored
SYNO enamored | infatuated | in love | ...
enamored {adj} [Am.]verliebt
enamored {adj} {past-p} [Am.]fasziniert
enamored {adj} [Am.]gefesselt [fig.]
enamored {adj} {past-p} [Am.]entzückt
enamored {adj} {past-p} [Am.]hingezogen [zu jdm.]
sb./sth. enamored [Am.]jd./etw. machte verliebt
to be enamored [Am.]verliebt sein
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  • In 2003, Astro's broadcaster Larry Dierker was so enamored with the bar that he built a replica at the Astros Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.
  • In a negative review for Cokemachineglow, Dom Sinacola wrote that "11 Old Songs is not very good. Seriously. It’s aimless and boring while still enamored with itself".
  • Before he founded his church, Jim Jones had become enamored with communism and he was also frustrated by the harassment which communists were being subjected to in the U.S. during the Red Scare.
  • Jayne kicks out the highly enamored, but confused, Frankie, and throws his clothes out the window.
  • Sassanian courts were enamored with the Hellenistic chang, which increased its popularity, and by the end of the Sasanian period the chang had been redesigned to be as light as possible.
  • The 2009 manga "Aku no Hana" is named after "Les Fleurs du mal". The main character, Takao Kasuga, is enamored with the book and the adult depravity that it represents.
  • Bahamas was so enamored by their winning team, they celebrated their "Golden Girls" with a very visible mural at the Nassau airport.
  • Examples of misquoted sources are numerous on the internet such as "Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom", but the text does not contain the words "Americans were so enamored by equality" anywhere.
  • John J. Anderson, writing for "Creative Computing", was enamored with the multidirectional scrolling and concluded, "Getaway" is lots of fun".
  • Born in Lewiston, Maine, Scolnik became enamored of jazz music at the age of 12.
  • However Suresh soon becomes enamored of the new typist Stella (Seema) in his office.
  • The phrase 'How you gonna keep them down on the farm once...' has entered the vernacular to indicate a person becoming enamored by a big city or more glamorous life.
  • Elvis Mitchell of "The New York Times" was not enamored with the direction, but was fond of the writing and acting.
  • The public was enamored with the newly founded zoo. Garnering 170,000 visitors in its inaugural year.
  • Another legend is that Akbar's daughter Meherunnissa was enamored by Tansen and had a role in his coming to Akbar's court.
  • Drexel's interest in these issues did not prevent her from becoming enamored with the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement in Germany.
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