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enamoured {adj} [Br.]verliebt
enamoured {adj} {past-p} [Br.]entzückt
enamoured {adj} {past-p} [Br.]fasziniert
enamoured {adj} {past-p} [Br.]hingezogen [gefühlsmäßig]
enamoured {adj} [Br.]gefesselt [fig.]
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newly enamoured (of) {adj} [Br.]frisch verliebt (in)
to be enamoured of [Br.]verliebt sein in
to be enamoured of [Br.]bezaubert sein von
4 Wörter
rather less enamoured of [Br.]
eher weniger angetan von
5+ Wörter
I'm not exactly enamoured with the idea of doing sth. [Br.] Ich bin nicht gerade angetan / begeistert von dem Gedanken, etw. zu tun.
to be enamoured of / with / by sb./sth. [Br.]voller Liebe für jdn./etw. sein
to be enamoured of / with / by sb./sth. [Br.]mit Liebe für jdn./etw. erfüllt sein
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In 1902 Mansfield became enamoured of Arnold Trowell, a cellist, but her feelings were for the most part not reciprocated.
  • O'Donovan became increasingly enamoured of Nazi ideology during this time, and visited Germany three times.
  • The fleeing humans carry with them an infant Neanderthal, of whom they are simultaneously afraid and enamoured, hinting at the later hypothesis of inter-breeding between Neanderthals and modern humans.
  • According to Nick Mason, the song's title originates from a possible hand in the game of mahjong, with which the band had become enamoured while touring.
  • Meanwhile, Dong Ping, enamoured of the prefect's daughter, is unhappy with the prefect for repeatedly declining his proposal.
  • At age 19, Son became confident that computer technology would ignite the next commercial revolution after being enamoured by a microchip featured in a magazine.
  • Growing up in Somerset, Wright listened to his parents' stories of coming of age in the 1960s, which contributed to his becoming enamoured with the era.
  • The pair worked on a number of socialist projects together before becoming jointly enamoured with film.
  • The wife is later enamoured by a young man who gives her attention.
  • "Scene 2." With a melting and enamoured voice the Doctor sings a gracious madrigal under the balcony of his lovely bride.
  • Forbes and bitter business rival Sir Charles Rimmer are running against each for Parliament. Jimmy meets and becomes enamoured with Rimmer's daughter, Jane.
  • The venue was a favourite haunt of Edward Thurlow, who became Lord Chancellor, and he was satirised as being enamoured of the landlady's attractive daughter.
  • Vladimir Medinsky has been described as a "nationalist enamoured of classicism and traditional values".
  • In 1938, Perón was sent on a diplomatic mission to Europe. During this time he became enamoured of the Italian fascist model. Perón's admiration for Benito Mussolini is well documented.
  • Of the beauty of the Holy Spirit, both First and Second Man became enamoured, and they generated from her a third male, an Incorruptible Light, called Christ.
  • At the end of 2014, Bellucci said she was still enamoured of Cassel; both have remained close ever since.
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