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enantiomeric contamination
enantiomere Verunreinigung {f}
enantiomeric excess <ee, e.e., EE>
Enantiomerenüberschuss {m} <EÜ>
enantiomeric ratio <er, ER>
Enantiomerenverhältnis {n} <EV>
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  • Even a slight enantiomeric excess of the alkane is rapidly amplified due to the autocatalytic nature of this reaction.
  • The enantiomeric success of this epoxidation is relatively high compared to metal catalysts, and generally results in a high enantiomeric excess exceeding 80 percent.
  • The first known racemic mixture was racemic acid, which Louis Pasteur found to be a mixture of the two enantiomeric isomers of tartaric acid.
  • Like the majority of flavanones, naringenin has a single chiral center at carbon 2, although the optical purity is variable. as do enantiomeric ratios.
  • Complexes with three bidentate ligands or two cis bidentate ligands can exist as enantiomeric pairs. Examples are shown below.
  • In practice, it is most often expressed as a percent enantiomeric excess.
  • Moreover, the optical rotation of a compound may be non-linearly dependent on its enantiomeric excess because of aggregation in solution.
  • For example, a reaction that is conrotatory can still rotate in two directions, producing enantiomeric products.
  • Two key assumptions often invoked to explain the mechanism is that: a) small fragments generated by breakage for each enantiomeric crystal population can maintain their chirality, even when they are smaller than the critical radius for nucleation (and are thus expected to dissolve) and b) small chiral fragments can undergo enantiospecific aggregation to larger particles of the same chirality.
  • Further contributions of Gil-Av and associates are concerned with the use of chiral mobile phase additives (CMPAs) in liquid chromatography (LC), enantiomeric separation of helicenes by supramolecular LC, the temperature-dependent reversal of enantioselectivity by enthalpy-entropy compensation and non-linear effects leading to enantiomeric enrichment during chromatography on achiral stationary phases.
  • Given Earth's history of meteoric impacts and the observation that meteors contain an excess of the biologically relevant L-stereoisomer of certain amino acids, Pizzarello studied the effect of meteoritic amino acids in enantiomeric excess on the formation of other biological molecules.
  • Permethrin has four stereoisomers (two enantiomeric pairs), arising from the two stereocenters in the cyclopropane ring.
  • These include meso compounds, "cis"–"trans" isomers, E-Z isomers, and non-enantiomeric optical isomers.
  • Enantioselective heterogeneous hydrogenation of furoic acid to chiral tetrahydro-2-furoic acid proceeds in the presence of cinchonidine-modified alumina supported palladium catalyst in 95% yield and 32% enantiomeric excess.
  • The substrate specificity of these enzymes is low. Enantiomeric purities in excess of 90% are routine but varies with substrate.
  • The use of chiral amine catalysts has allowed access to cycloaddition products in high enantiomeric excess.
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