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enantiopure {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'enantiopure' von Englisch nach Deutsch

enantiopure {adj}
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  • Other reactions of cyclopropanones take place through this intermediate. For instance enantiopure (+)-"trans"-2,3-di-tert-butylcyclopropanone racemizes when heated to 80 °C.
  • Tius's allenyl substrates can exhibit axial to tetrahedral chirality transfer if enantiopure allenes are used.
  • The method has also been applied to the synthesis of enantiopure benzyl amines in "scheme 3", which involves ortho-lithiation of "tert"-butyl phenyl sulfoxide.
  • In a search for a cheaper synthetic route, a German team developed an alternative route which, by using chiral styrene oxide, allows an enantiopure product.
  • 3-bromocamphor-8-sulfonic acid was used in the synthesis of enantiopure devazepide.
  • This interest in turn is mainly due to the need to synthesize enantiopure compounds as chiral building blocks for Pharmaceutical drugs and agrochemicals.
  • A sample with only a single enantiomer is an "enantiomerically pure" or "enantiopure" compound.
  • Because the migration is stereospecific (retentive with respect to the migrating group and invertive at the α carbon), this method provides a means for the synthesis of enantiopure α-alkyl or -aryl ketones.
  • Chiral pool synthesis is used to build a part of epothilone (an alternative to paclitaxel) from readily available enantiopure (–)-pantolactone.
  • The derived chiral imine is used to prepare enantiopure α-trifluoromethyl alanines and diamines by a Strecker reaction followed by either nitrile hydrolysis or reduction.
  • The Tagliavini group, which had carried out asymmetric allylation using a similar BINOL-Ti(IV) complex, followed up early successes by synthesizing a variety of enantiopure substituted binaphthyl ligands.
  • A widely used method for the asymmetric synthesis of "N"-sulfinyl imines is the condensation of enantiopure primary sulfinamides with aldehyde or ketones.
  • A disadvantage of these reactions is the requirement of a full equivalent of enantiopure starting material.
  • The body of living organisms are composed of many enantiopure chiral substances.
  • Genêt and coworkers developed SYNPHOS, a BINAP analogue which forms ruthenium complexes, which perform highly selective asymmetric hydrogenations. Enantiopure Ru[...]Br2 was shown to selectively hydrogenate racemic α-amino-β-ketoesters to enantiopure aminoalcohols, as shown below utilizing (R)-SYNPHOS.
  • containing 5mg dextroamphetamine phosphate and 25mg methapyrilene; an enantiopure dibasic central nervous system (CNS) stimulant combined with a first generation H1-antihistamine in the same tablet.
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