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NOUN   an encephalization | encephalizations
Enzephalisation {f}
Enzephalisierung {f}
encephalization quotient
Enzephalisationsquotient {m}
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  • 4 Using the estimations of brain volume and body weight an encephalization quotient (EQ) was calculated that showed the brain volume to body size ratio of C.
  • In an attempt to use cranial capacity as an objective indicator of brain size, the encephalization quotient (EQ) was developed in 1973 by Harry Jerison.
  • Relating this orientation to the encephalization of hominin of the time, the position foramen magnum assisted in balance and supported upright posture.
  • and an encephalization quotient of 1.5. Based on the cranium, this species had an external brain surface much like that of gibbons and cercopithecoid monkeys.
  • Perhaps surprisingly for such a widespread and successful species, the Virginia opossum has one of the lowest encephalization quotients of any marsupial.
  • Encephalization quotient is also used in estimating evolution of intelligent behavior in human ancestors.
  • The result of the experiment concluded that the energy cost of encephalization might have involved in the evolution of brain size in both endothermic as well as ectothermic vertebrates.
  • Furthermore, the evolution of the maxillomandibular system has been linked to encephalization.
  • Birds appear to have undergone an alternate process of encephalization, as they diverged from the other archosaurs, with few clear parallels to that experienced by mammals and their therapsid ancestors.
  • Comparison of actual brain size with the size expected from allometry provides an encephalization quotient (EQ) that can be used as a more accurate indicator of an animal's intelligence.
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