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encephalization quotient
Enzephalisationsquotient {m}
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Übersetzung für 'encephalization quotient' von Englisch nach Deutsch

encephalization quotient
Enzephalisationsquotient {m}anat.med.
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  • 4 Using the estimations of brain volume and body weight an encephalization quotient (EQ) was calculated that showed the brain volume to body size ratio of C.
  • In an attempt to use cranial capacity as an objective indicator of brain size, the encephalization quotient (EQ) was developed in 1973 by Harry Jerison.
  • and an encephalization quotient of 1.5. Based on the cranium, this species had an external brain surface much like that of gibbons and cercopithecoid monkeys.
  • The "encephalization quotient" (EQ) is the coefficient "C" in Snell's allometry equation, usually normalized with respect to a reference species.
  • The braincase of "Murusraptor" shows more similarities to non-maniraptoran coelurosaurs, particularly tyrannosaurids, than to non-coelurosaurs such as allosaurids or ceratosaurids, although its Reptile Encephalization Quotient was nonetheless within the range of allosauroids such as "Allosaurus", "Giganotosaurus", and "Sinraptor" and its neurosensorial capabilities were thus most likely inferior to those of tyrannosaurids.
  • Comparison of actual brain size with the size expected from allometry provides an encephalization quotient (EQ) that can be used as a more accurate indicator of an animal's intelligence.
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