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NOUN   a feline species | feline species
feline species
Katzenart {f}
feline species {pl}
Katzenartige {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'feline species' von Englisch nach Deutsch

feline species
Katzenart {f}zool.

feline species {pl}
Katzenartige {pl}zool.T
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  • Available in an oral formulation, Tepoxalin is used to treat osteoarthritis in canine and feline species.
  • Notable species among the fauna in the refuge include the Texas ocelot ("Leopardus pardalis albescens") and Gulf Coast jaguarundi ("Puma yagouaroundi cacomitli") feline species.
  • russatus" to be a prey item of several neotropical feline species including jaguarundi ("Puma yagouaroundi"), oncilla ("Leopardus tigrinus") and ocelot ("Leopardus pardalis").
  • It clearly identifies the species of feline, because of the characteristic tuft at the end of the tail, not present in any other feline species.
  • The IUCN has classified the Iberian lynx as Endangered, and it is considered the world's most threatened feline species.
  • Since 1990, cases have been reported in other countries and other feline species in captivity, although most affected felines originated in the UK.
  • Animals such as rodents, pigs, dogs, and a variety of feline species can also harbor "P. westermani".
  • The American cheetah is either of two feline species of the extinct genus "Miracinonyx", endemic to North America during the Pleistocene epoch (2.6 million to 12,000 years ago) and morphologically similar to the modern cheetah ("Acinonyx jubatus").
  • This difference in metabolism is due to very low levels of activity of the enzyme B-carotene 15, 15' dioxygenase in feline species.
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