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feline-specific therianthrope [ailuranthrope]
Ailuranthrop {m}
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Übersetzung für 'feline-specific' von Englisch nach Deutsch

feline-specific therianthrope [ailuranthrope]
Ailuranthrop {m}myth.
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  • The specific epithet "albofelina" comes from Latin (albus, "white" + felis "cat") referring to the surface of basidiomes that resembles white feline fur.
  • A few cats were intentionally infected with the highly specific feline panleukopenia virus, which reduced the cat population to about 600 by 1982.
  • The specific name is derived from the Latin "felinus" (= feline) and "auritus" (= auricular), referring to the shape of the posterolateral lobes of the juxta.
  • Moreover, some evidence suggests this loss of aversion may be specific to feline odors: when given a choice between two predator odors (cat or mink), infected rodents show a significantly stronger preference to cat odors than do uninfected controls.
  • The Moche Crawling Feline is a specific stirrup spout vessel dating from 100—800 CE.
  • The gene product has tyrosine-specific protein kinase activity and that activity is required for maintenance of cellular transformation.
  • 1%), non-specific illness (11.2%), neoplasia (10.8%) and mass lesion disorders (10.2%).
  • It can, however, be considered specific for diagnosing previous larval infections, and therefore fairly specific for heartworm-associated respiratory disease.
  • Many commercial and prescription pet food manufacturers offer dental specific diets aimed to improve the oral health of adult domestic cats.
  • These broad traits are not specific to any particular breed, as the upbringing of the animal is an important factor.
  • The ACE II is also called L-SIGN (liver/lymph node-specific intracellular adhesion molecules-3 grabbing non-integrin).
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