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NOUN   a fella | fellas
SYNO blighter | bloke | chap | ...
fella [coll.] [fellow]Kerl {m} [ugs.]
fella [coll.] [fellow]Gefährte {m}
fella [coll.] [fellow]Typ {m} [ugs.]
fella [coll.]Atze {f} [selten {m}] [berlin., ugs.]
fella [coll.]Kerle {m} [regional: Kerl, Kerlchen]
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  • After this, Henry calls him a "good little fella" upon departure.
  • "Blackfella" (also "blackfellah", "blackfulla", "black fella", or "black fellah") is an informal term in Australian English to refer to Indigenous Australians, in particular Aboriginal Australians, most commonly among themselves.
  • For that version, he changed the lyric from "Hey, little fella, now your show's together" to "Hey, little fella, now your shit's together".
  • On an England trip to Berlin in 1938, Sproston told Stanley Matthews "I know nowt 'bout politics and t'like. All I knows is football. But t'way I see it, yon 'Itler fella is an evil little twat".
  • I saw some fella haul me wife on board of the Volunteer.
  • Aqua (Rock-a-fella Records/Jay-Z), Kali, Chris Bordeaux and Colin Hartel.
  • Clue: The Jamaican fella might have screamed this on the Titanic. Initials: CB.
  • I wouldn't go over to a fella and start chatting him up, whereas Mandy would.
  • "Cinderfella" is a 1960 American semi-musical comedy film adaptation of the classic "Cinderella" story, with most characters changed in gender from female to male and starring Jerry Lewis as Fella.
  • A picture of the frog posted to Twitter gained attention, with commenters noting the frog was a "smooth lil fella".
  • In this context it means something akin to "little fella", appropriate since in most perspectives Xiao Xiao and his fellow stick-people appear tiny and childlike, with disproportionately large heads and small limbs.
  • She wrote a biography of her late husband, titled "Most happy fella: a biography of Inia Te Wiata", first published in 1976, In 2007, she compiled and wrote the liner notes for 49 tracks performed by Inia Te Wiata, released by the National Library of New Zealand.
  • Acheson made his championship debut for the Tipperary footballers in 2010 against Kerry on 16 May in a 2-18 to 2-6 defeat where he scored a point with his small fella.
  • Living with the Chippie is when Chrissie shares stories about her "fella" the Chippie.
  • When she meets Tony (Tony Ryan), 'a black fella on a white bus', and despite their obvious differences, Nikki learns that there is room for romance in the desperate western suburbs struggle that is life in Blacktown.
  • Walsh's father was prominent in his local GAA club. He recalls his father coaching underage teams. As a young fella he played traditional music in one or two All Ireland Fleadhs.
  • The origin of the name Fella is not entirely clear, however, the common belief is that it was derived from the Egyptian word "fellah" meaning farmer or peasant.
  • Luke 'big fella' Pilkington (born 12 July 1990 in Canberra, Australia) is an Australian footballer, well known for winning the Foxtel Reality Television Show "Football Superstar".
  • Packy bumps into Ryan, an old friend from home; a lovely polite fella whose hand got shot off during a hold-up at a garage where he worked with Packy, while covering Packy's shift.
  • He was a shot-stopping goalkeeper, who mostly remained on his line and relied on his defenders to deal with crosses; former Port Vale teammate Robbie Earle stated that "you could not wish to meet a nicer, more level-headed fella".
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