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NOUN   a fellah | fellahin / fellaheen
fellahinFellachen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'fellahin' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Fellachen {pl}
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  • Over time the founders were joined by Bedouin (nomads) and fellahin (farmers) from the Galilee.
  • He also met some of the fellahin from the village by the Dead Sea, where they collected salt for cooking.
  • One of his lifelong interest was the life of the Palestinian fellahin, an interest which started when he first worked for the American Friends School, and which resulted in three books.
  • His study of the Egypt's fellahin, "The Egyptian Peasant", was first published in French in 1938 and is regarded as a major work on the subject.
  • Fear of attracting the attention and subjugation of the authorities, and to avoid taxation and military conscription, was one of the reasons many of the Alawite fellahin ("peasants") who lived in the vicinity of Qardaha, opted not to establish an agglomeration of settlement.
  • Fellahin were distinguished from the "effendi" (land-owning class), although the fellahin in this region might be tenant farmers, smallholders, or live in a village that owned the land communally.
  • He had a genuine regard for the welfare of the fellahin, and a land law of 1858 secured for them an acknowledgment of freehold as against the crown.
  • The Egyptian peasantry, the fellahin (rural Egyptians), are more likely to retain indigenous names given their relative isolation throughout the Egyptian people's history.
  • By 1838, the tense relationship between the "fellahin" and the Egyptian overlords was again mounting and a full-scale Druze revolt erupted in January.
  • At that time, he rallied the "fellahin" (peasants) of the Safad region to fight against the British.
  • The fellahin who sold land in an attempt to turn "vegetable tracts into citrus groves became dependent on world markets and on the availability of maritime transportation.
  • Edward Robinson identified more than 100 biblical place names in Palestine, by pursuing his belief that linguistic analysis of the place names used by the Arab fellahin would reveal preserved traces of their ancient roots.
  • It is the only Arab village in the Negev that is not Bedouin; its residents are descended from a long line of fellahin.
  • </blockquote> That the peasant culture of the large fellahin class showed features of cultures other than Islam was a conclusion arrived at by some Western scholars and explorers who mapped and surveyed Palestine during the latter half of the 19th century, and these ideas were to influence 20th-century debates on Palestinian identity by local and international ethnographers.
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