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VERB   to fell | felled | felled
felling | fells
felled {adj} {past-p} [tree]
felled {adj} {past-p} [tree]abgehauen
sb. felledjd. fällte
felled seam
Kappnaht {f}
felled timber
geschlagenes Holz {n}
clear-felled area
Kahlschlag {m} [Waldfläche]
flat-felled seam
doppelte Kappnaht {f}
mock flat-felled seam
falsche Kappnaht {f}
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  • One, an Osage orange tree, was named a Co-National Champion Tree in 2011 and featured in the Delaware Forestry Service's "Big Trees of Delaware" but was partially felled by a storm in August 2020.
  • Dendrochronological evidence provided by Cathy Groves indicated that the trees had to have been felled in either 2454 BC, 2049 BCE} or 2019 BCE whilst radiocarbon dating displayed a date range of between 2200 BCE and 2000 BCE for their felling.
  • Tree roosts are often felled and colonies dispersed.
  • On September 6, 1991, Racker was felled by a severe stroke, and died in Syracuse three days after.
  • In 2004, the state's largest hemlock tree was felled by lightning.
  • In 2018, more than 300 trees were felled due to Hurricane Florence.
  • Dendrochronology has established that some of the timbers in the roof of the barn were felled in the winter of 1291–92, and building with unseasoned timber was then common practice.
  • Around 4,000 highway trees have since been felled as part of the ‘Streets Ahead’ Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract signed in 2012 by the city council, Amey plc and the Department for Transport to maintain the city streets.
  • A log bridge is a timber bridge that uses logs that fall naturally or are intentionally felled or placed across streams.
  • Snow-melt was faster on strips near the centre of the strip-felled area than on border strips adjoining the intact stand.
  • In August 2017, about 5000 trees had been felled since 2012 and Sheffield City Council won a court battle in order to bring injunctions against protesters considered to take unlawful action to prevent trees from being felled.
  • Daggett Brook was named for Benjamin F. Daggett, a lumberjack who felled trees there.
  • There are flat-felled seams and lap-felled seams.
  • Adults have been recorded feeding on fermented sap oozing from debarked felled trees.
  • During the second innings, Dev felled Rick Darling with a bouncer, causing him to be retired hurt.
  • Dates ranged from timber felled in 1422, with the bulk of the dated timbers, mostly used in the hall roof, being felled between 1579 and 1604.
  • It was used for limbing (removing branches from the stem of a felled tree), and bucking (cutting a felled and delimbed tree into logs).
  • An 85-metre tall blackbutt was felled near Bulli.
  • Below the pine forests, the middle elevations are covered by groves of Pyrenean oak ("Quercus pyrenaica"), which sometimes encroach on the higher pine belt; this is problematic as Pyrenean oak have a protected conservation status and cannot be felled without dispensation from national park authorities.
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