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felled timber
geschlagenes Holz {n}
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Übersetzung für 'felled timber' von Englisch nach Deutsch

felled timber
geschlagenes Holz {n}for.
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  • They include very large paintings of wild ponies on Exmoor, galloping polo ponies, the last horse-launched lifeboat being pulled into a boiling sea, heavy working horses pulling felled timber and hard-working farm horses trudging home at the end of the day.
  • They felled timber and brought it to the place where Achilles would later build the structure.
  • The song celebrates the profession of log driving, a practice in the lumber industry which involved transporting felled timber by having workers walk or run on the logs as they floated down rivers.
  • There he ran cattle and felled timber including Australian Red Cedar, utilising ticket-of-leave men for labour.
  • It is known that the term "Gestell" was used for the forest roads cut out in the forest, through which felled timber was transported away.
  • George felled timber for Burns Philp and other syndicates c.1883, and is described as a "scrub pioneer of Tableland cedar" .
  • This earlier bridge was known to locals as the "Black Bridge" due to wet tar falling from wagons carrying felled timber.
  • The local people have always lived from the forest, and felled timber products.
  • Eggs may be laid on either standing trees or recently felled timber, with eggs laid on the bark.
  • Nowhere very wide, it was a series of descents broken by shorter rises and blocked every few hundred yards by felled timber.
  • They are therefore popular with hobbyist woodworkers who have access to felled timber.
  • The bark spud (also known as a peeling iron, peeler bar, peeling spud, or abbreviated to spud) is an implement which is used to remove bark from felled timber.
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