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frying oil
Bratöl {n}
frying oil
Fritieröl {n}
deep-frying oil
Frittieröl {n}
to use oil for frying
Öl zum Braten verwenden
hot frying oil / fat [deep-frying]
Frittüre {f} [früher Fritüre; heißes Öl oder Fett in der Fritteuse]
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  • , especially in Brazil, where the sauce is usually just onion rings cooked and fried in the steak's own juice and frying oil, being the most popular dish to go aside rice and beans.
  • This forced the commission to ban certain recycling streams (like frying oil) from entering the food chain in order to prevent future contamination.
  • In 2009, Henny Penny introduced a reduced-oil capacity technology with the Evolution Elite Open Fryer, a deep fat fryer using 30 lbs. of frying oil in the vat instead of the previous 50 lbs.
  • In batch fryers, the frying oil has to be replaced quite often as it is sensitive to temperature changes.
  • These new soybean varieties yield a more stable oil that doesn't require hydrogenation for many applications, thus providing trans fat-free products, such as frying oil.
  • Today they use frying oil because it is cheaper and very available.
  • Its main use is in cooking, where its high smoke point makes refined corn oil a valuable frying oil.
  • This is because the cake is lifted from the hot frying oil while not fully hardened.
  • Overheating or over-using the frying oil leads to formation of rancid-tasting products of oxidation, polymerization, and other deleterious, unintended or even toxic compounds such as acrylamide (from starchy foods).
  • The first tuslob buwa is believed to have been consumed as early as around the 1950s and is done during the cooking of "sinudlan" (ground pork sausage) wherein the diners would gather the resulting foam in the frying oil with pusô (cooked rice in coconut leaves).
  • The mixture is then poured into a halved coconut shell with holes called an "uluyan" directly into frying oil, resulting in fried mats of rice noodles.
  • His father once traded frying oil from Medan to Nias due to the low salary of police officers.
  • Sometimes, instead of, or in addition to frying oil, coconut milk is heated until it turns to oil for added taste.
  • Residues of chlorpropham were detected in the boiled potatoes, in the boiling water, in the French-fried potatoes and in the frying oil.
  • McDonald's fries in the US were originally prepared using a frying oil mixture of 93% beef tallow and 7% vegetable oil The new US oil used a natural beef flavor additive; other countries' fries do not include any animal products.
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