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NOUN   a frying pan | frying pans
SYNO frying pan | frypan | skillet
ungeprüft frying panBackpfanne {f}
frying pan
Bratpfanne {f}
frying pan
Pfanne {f} [Bratpfanne]
frying pan [with a long handle]
Stielpfanne {f}
3 Wörter
tilting frying pan
Kippbratpfanne {f}
4 Wörter
cast-iron (frying) pan
Gusseisenpfanne {f}
non-stick (frying) pan
beschichtete Pfanne {f}
teflon-coated frying pan
Teflonbratpfanne {f}
5+ Wörter
He jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. [idiom]Er kam vom Regen in die Traufe. [Redewendung]
out of the frying pan and into the fire {adv} [idiom]vom Regen in die Traufe [Redewendung]
to cook in the frying pan
in der Pfanne kochen
to fry in the frying pan
in der Pfanne braten
to jump out of the frying pan into the fire [idiom]vom Regen in die Traufe kommen [Redewendung]
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  • Just like paella, it is cooked in a special wide and flat frying pan, also called "paellera", although there are other traditional variants made in a casserole.
  • She raced out of the house to church while still carrying her frying pan and pancake, tossing it to prevent it from burning.
  • The locality of Écija is popularly known as the “Frying Pan of Andalusia” for its torrid summers.
  • A water drop dancing on a hot frying pan is an example of film boiling.
  • Both Chinese and American-Chinese cooking utilize similar methods of preparation, such as stir frying, pan frying, and deep frying, which are all easily done using a wok.
  • Old Baldy lighthouse, built in 1817, was not tall enough or bright enough to aid vessels trying to avoid Frying Pan Shoals in all weather conditions.
  • The town is also home of the Mumford Sheet Metal Works, which held the world record for the largest frying pan in 1950.
  • Basalt is well known for its Gold Medal trout fishing in the Frying Pan River.
  • It doesn't have the kind of jokes you put in a 15-second television spot of somebody getting hit on the head with a frying pan.
  • Chamaeleon is sometimes also called the Frying Pan in Australia.
  • In an event set up by ESPN's Todd Gallagher, Greene appeared in the book "Andy Roddick Beat Me With a Frying Pan" racing in a 100-meter race against the book's editor, who had a 31-meter head start and the help of a moving sidewalk.
  • Stove-top pan grilling is an indoor cooking process that uses a grill pan — similar to a frying pan but with raised ridges to emulate the function or look of a gridiron.
  • Deep frying (also referred to as deep fat frying) is a cooking method in which food is submerged in hot fat, traditionally lard but today most commonly oil, as opposed to the shallow oil used in conventional frying done in a frying pan.
  • By the time they ceased producing the "frying pan" model in 1939, they had made several thousand units.
  • A fried egg is a cooked dish made from one or more eggs which are removed from their shells and placed into a frying pan and fried.
  • According to the etymologist Joan Coromines, the Catalan word "paella" derives from the Old French word "paelle" for frying pan, which in turn comes from the Latin word "patella" for pan; he thinks that otherwise the word should be "padella", as inter-vowel -d- dropping is not typical of Old Catalan.
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