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NOUN   a glyph | glyphs
Glyphen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'glyphs' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Glyphen {pl}archaeo.print
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  • Aside from monumental sculpture, potential glyphs have been found on portable objects such as celts (notably the Humboldt Celt dated at c. ...
  • There are thirteen full and one partial line, containing ~ 2,320 glyphs per Fischer.
  • The modern Bamum script is essentially CV-syllabic, but doesn't have enough glyphs for all the CV syllables of the language.
  • The styling of Arabic glyphs comes from Times New Roman, which have more varied stroke widths than the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic glyphs found in the font.
  • Minion Math is a mathematical font designed by Johannes Küster from typoma GmbH. Specifically, it uses glyphs from Minion and supplements with additional glyphs such as mathematical symbols.
  • The family includes 6 fonts in 3 weights (45 Light, 55 Roman, 75 Bold), with complimentary italic. Roman fonts include 1,708 glyphs and 1,285 glyphs for italics.
  • Among the possible Izapa glyphs discussed by scholars are some that are known as “U Shape”, “Border Panel” (skyband), and “Crossed Band”.
  • Elamite radically reduced the number of cuneiform glyphs.
  • In addition, some syllable glyphs were homophones, such as the six different glyphs used to write the very common third person pronoun "u-".
  • Typically, Bot’s work features strong silhouettes, a natural colour palette, course visual texture and complex, rhythmic patterns and glyphs. These glyphs are symbols of natural elements.
  • Classic Yi is a syllabic logographic system of 8,000–10,000 glyphs. Although similar to Chinese characters in function, the glyphs are independent in form, with little to suggest a direct relation.
  • However, only eleven glyphs and glyph portions survive to this day.
  • CSS3 can specify OpenType small caps (given the "smcp" feature in the font replaces glyphs with proper small caps glyphs) by using [...] , which is the recommended way, or [...] , which is (as of May 2014) the most widely used way.
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