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glyptic {adj}
Glyptik {f}
glypticSteinschneidekunst {f}
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Übersetzung für 'glyptic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

glyptic {adj}

Glyptik {f}archaeo.art

Steinschneidekunst {f}
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  • His reign can be seen as the peak of the Kassite Dynasty, exemplified by his successful military campaigns against Assyria and Elam, the glyptic style of cylinder seals, the literature inspired by him (Hemerology for Nazi-Maruttaš), and his appearance in the period piece Ludlul bēl nēmeqi, which was set during his reign.
  • The seal is noted for its exceptionally fine and elaborate engraving, and considered "the single best work of glyptic art ever recovered from the Aegean Bronze Age".
  • Pittman is best known for her work on glyptic art and she has published extensively on 3rd millennium seals and sealings and Early Bronze Age administrative systems.
  • Jan Regulski (1760 - 28 July 1807) was a Polish glyptic artist and medalist.
  • The mausoleum stands in a square located on a glyptic cliff.
  • from the University of Vienna in 1935 with a dissertation about glyptic art of the Old Akkadian period.
  • Glyptics or "glyptic art" covers the field of small carved stones, including cylinder seals and inscriptions, especially in an archaeological context.
  • The majority of excavated material, however, is from the Middle Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian times, including glyptic and epigraphic material.
  • Indigenous Elamite traditions, such as the use of the title "king of Anshan" by Cyrus the Great; the "Elamite robe" worn by Cambyses I of Anshan and seen on the famous winged genii at Pasargadae; some glyptic styles; the use of Elamite as the first of three official languages of the empire used in thousands of administrative texts found at Darius’ city of Persepolis; the continued worship of Elamite deities; and the persistence of Elamite religious personnel and cults supported by the crown, formed an essential part of the newly emerging Achaemenid culture in Persian Iran.
  • Sviatoslav Nikitenko ([...] , "Nikitenko Sviatoslav Oleksiiovych"; 15 April 1960 - Ukrainian glyptic artist.
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