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ikebanaIkebana {n}
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Übersetzung für 'ikebana' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Ikebana {n}
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  • An annual Japan Cultural Festival is held at the Garden in August, featuring Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy and ikebana flower displays.
  • The art of flower arrangement "ikebana" developed the "bunjinbana" (文人花) style, which was in homage to Chinese landscapes and literati paintings.
  • Kazuyuki Ishihara was born in 1958, When he was 22 he began studying "ikenobō"-school "ikebana".
  • "Katsura Ko-ryū" (桂古流) is a Japanese school of "ikebana".
  • "Senkei-ryū" (専慶流) is a Japanese school of "ikebana".
  • "Mishō-ryū Sasaoka" (未生流笹岡) is a Japanese school of "ikebana".
  • "Ryūsei-ha" (龍生派) is a Japanese school of "ikebana".
  • His last book (with Norman Sparnon) was published when he was 87. It explores the use of camellias in ikebana, on which his wife Janet was an acknowledged expert.
  • "Rikka" is a form of ikebana.
  • FlyQuest's brand emphasizes environmental issues through its jersey design and ikebana displays at competitions. Its initiatives also include fundraising for marine wildlife conservation.
  • After the war ended, he taught "ikebana" to the wives of American troops stationed, and became a founding member of Ikebana International (I.I.), which was founded in 1956.
  • The museum offers courses and workshops in calligraphy, brush ink painting, paper mache, illustration, ikebana with a Taiwanese touch etc.
  • Today, florists in Japan also sell pre-arranged or done-while-you-wait ikebana.
  • The name "kenzan" (剣山) literally means "sword mountain". It was introduced by the Moribana style of ikebana.
  • He found that the strict rules of traditional ikebana did not allow individual expression. He broke away from traditional ikebana and formed his school in 1926.
  • The temple is also home to the head office of the ikebana school called Yamamura Go-ryū (山村御流).
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