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NOUN   ixodid | ixodids
SYNO hard tick | ixodid
ixodid [family Ixodidae]
eigentliche Zecke {f} [Familie der Ixodiden]
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Übersetzung für 'ixodid' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ixodid [family Ixodidae]
eigentliche Zecke {f} [Familie der Ixodiden]zool.T
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  • DMP can be used as an insect repellent and is especially useful against ixodid ticks responsible for Lyme disease.
  • For example, a female ixodid tick can usually lay thousands of eggs at once, compared to the few hundred eggs of a female non-neosomatic argasid.
  • The occurrence pattern of this species suggests that it may be more common in areas that are relatively drier than nearby habitats dominated by ixodid ticks.
  • Boris Ivanovich Pomerantsev (3 March 1903 - 22 June 1939) was a Russian acarologist and specialist on the ixodid ticks.
  • "Ixodes siamensis" is an ixodid tick (hard tick) that is parasitic on mammals in Thailand.
  • "Haemaphysalis pospelovashtromae", Pospelova-Shtrom’s USSR mountain haemaphysalid, is an ixodid tick native to Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and the Republic of Georgia that parasitizes cattle and goats.
  • The definitive hosts are ixodid ticks.
  • Pulvilli are soft, cushionlike pads on the feet of insects and other arthropods, such as the housefly and ixodid ticks. They are located at the base of the claws (#2 in the figure at right).
  • Common ixodid ticks collected from impala include "Amblyomma hebraeum", "Boophilus decoloratus", "Hyalomma marginatum", "Ixodes cavipalpus", "Rhipicephalus appendiculatus" and "R. evertsi".
  • In 2015 the ixodid tick "Dermacentor filippovae" Apanaskevich & Apanaskevich was named after her.
  • The argasid tick "Argas walkerae" Kaiser & Hoogstraal, 1969, "Walker's South African fowl argasid" and the ixodid tick "Haemaphysalis walkerae" Apanaskevich & Tomlinson, 2019 were named to honor her contributions to the body of knowledge about ticks.
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