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jakes [archaic]Toilette {f} [speziell Außentoilette]
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Übersetzung für 'jakes' von Englisch nach Deutsch

jakes [archaic]
Toilette {f} [speziell Außentoilette]
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  • After leaving the Jakes Creek Trail, the Meigs Mountain Trail descends immediately to Jakes Creek, where it crosses a log footbridge to what was once the Lem Ownby homesite.
  • Thomas Dexter Jakes (born June 9, 1957), known as T.
  • For 2006, Hitech brought back James Walker, alongside James Jakes and Salvador Durán, with Jakes finishing 8th, Walker 9th and Durán 10th in a poor season that only heralded one podium finish (achieved by Walker).
  • At first, it focused on streetwear, but recently it expanded its products to hoodies and jeans and jakes.
  • In London, cesspits containing human waste were called 'gongs' or 'jakes' and men employed to clean them 'Gongfermours' or 'Gongfarmers'.
  • Typically the slowly-varying channels based on jakes model of Rayleigh spectrum is used for block fading in an OFDM system.
  • The Jakes's model also popularised the Doppler spectrum associated with Rayleigh fading, and, as a result, this Doppler spectrum is often termed Jakes's spectrum.
  • road, now hard surfaced, that links Jakes Corner on the Alaska Highway with Carcross, Yukon on the Klondike Highway.
  • People from Tarbert are known locally as "jakes".
  • The music and background scores of the film is arranged by Jakes Bejoy.
  • Peter Jakes is the Detective Sergeant working under Fred Thursday and is played by Jack Laskey.
  • The Denver campus, formerly the Heritage Christian Center is led by Bishop Jakes’ daughter, Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts, and her husband, Pastor Toure’ Roberts, who is also the senior pastor of The Potter's House One Church location in Los Angeles.
  • After a podium in the 2009–10 GP2 Asia Series in Abu Dhabi, James Jakes joined Manor Racing.
  • Van Jakes is the father of professional soccer player Leigh Jakes.
  • "The Jacks" is Irish slang for toilet. It perhaps derives from "jacques" and "jakes", an old English term.
  • The monosyllabic version is used for comic effect at times: "jakes" was 16th-century slang for "privy", [...] and in one scene Touchstone refers to Jaques as "Master What-ye-call't" rather than say the coarse word "jakes" in mixed company.
  • Later that year, however, Husák yielded his post as general secretary to Miloš Jakeš in response to a desire for younger leaders (Jakeš and Ladislav Adamec) to share in power.
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