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NOUN   jalap | -
jalap [Ipomoea purga, syn.: Exogonium purga, Convolvulus purga]
Jalape {f} [eine Prunkwinde]
cancer jalap [Phytolacca americana]
Amerikanische Kermesbeere {f}
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  • The village is actually composed of four smaller villages: Khoti, Dhoak Jalap/Warra, Lehr and Sultanpur.
  • He sired several good runners and the dams of Captain, Cassandra, Dorimond, Trajan, Marcus and Jalap.
  • The village gets its name from the Jalap tribe, who were said to be founders of the village.
  • Most of the population is Muslim, and most of them belong to Jalap Rajput.
  • Scammonin (also known as jalapin or scammonium) is a glycoside that has been isolated from the stems of "Ipomoea purga" (jalap plant) and from "Convolvulus scammonia" (scammony).
  • Dharyala Jalap is a village and union council, near the Jhelum River, of Jhelum District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.
  • The nearest hospital is the Civil Hospital in Jalalpur Sharief, which gives free service for everyone; and the Fauji Foundation Hospital in Dariala Jalap, which give services to all, but is free only for those who served in the Armed Forces and their families.
  • After experimenting, Rush decided that a powder of ten grains of calomel (mercury) and ten grains of the cathartic drug jalap (the poisonous root of a Mexican plant, "Ipomoea purga", related to the morning glory, which was dried and powdered before ingesting) [...] would create the desired elimination he was seeking.
  • Some species are renowned for their properties in folk medicine and herbalism; for example, Vera Cruz jalap ("I. ...
  • The name of "Mirabilis jalapa" given by Carl Von Linne in 1753 is formed from the scientific Latin Mirabilis meaning "admirable" by allusion to the remarkable colors of its flowers and the specific name jalapa that would refer to its origin in the Jalapa in Guatemala.
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