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VERB   to know the answer | knew the answer | known the answer
knowing the answer | knows the answer
to know the answerdie Antwort wissen
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Übersetzung für 'know the answer' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to know the answer
die Antwort wissen
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The joke has become iconic as an exemplary generic joke to which most people know the answer, and has been repeated and changed numerous times over the course of history.
  • They can buzz in if they know the answer before the host finishes reading out the answers.
  • Developed by the Great Books Foundation, "Shared Inquiry" is related to Socratic discussion but is distinguished by the fact that the basic discussion question is one to which the leader does not know the answer.
  • In the event that he did not know the answer (an excuse was always prepared for those instances), the audience would yell out "stump, stump, stump" and the child would receive a prize.
  • Professor Kanzaki believes she doesn´t want to know the answer to that question.
  • It has also been used as an excuse to evade a question to which the interviewee does not know the answer, where their lack of knowledge would make them appear foolish or uninformed, or a subject where their intellectual position contradicts their past statements.
  • Callers won prizes if Donald did not know the answer.
  • The second interesting part of the answer is the implicit admission by the teacher with "if we know", that he may not know the answer, and thus acknowledging a sense of skepticism and humility into the process of learning.
  • The truth is that she doesn't know the answer herself.
  • He has also provided the narration for the gameshow "Scream if You Know the Answer!
  • If the chooser does not know the answer to a direct mode question, or the question does not permit a clear-cut yes/no answer, then the chooser answers as accurately as possible.
  • If You Know the Answer". The "Glee" cast visited the park in 2012 for their senior skip day in the "Big Brother" episode, where they ride Viper.
  • Mallory Schlossberg suggested that fans "may never know the answer to that deeply philosophical musical question".
  • Although admitting that we don’t know the answer to the first question he still offers his guesses.
  • One who knows the method will quickly know the answer is 42, as 423 = 74088.
  • This is relevant for judges in Turing tests; it is unlikely to be effective to simply ask the respondents to mentally calculate the answer to a very difficult arithmetical question, because the computer is likely to simply dumb itself down and pretend not to know the answer.
  • It is a scientific question; one day we may know the answer, and meanwhile we can say something pretty strong about the probability" and considers PAP a "deeply inescapable kind of fence-sitting".
  • The answer to the issue of whether or not a human can be infallible depends on the philosophical school.
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