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NOUN   a mire | mires
VERB   to mire | mired | mired
miring | mires
sth. miresetw. beschmutzt
miresSümpfe {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'mires' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sth. mires
etw. beschmutzt

Sümpfe {pl}
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  • Parc Nant y Waun is a nature reserve incorporating 22 hectares of grassland, mires and reservoirs which was officially opened in 2007.
  • However, some uncertainties of how the local conditions affect the formation of palsa forms and especially the hydrology of palsa mires still exist.
  • south-east of Princetown, overlooking the notoriously dangerous Fox Tor Mires.
  • The moth species "Ichneutica agorastis" is particularly common at a string mires found in the Ben Ohau Range.
  • This is a list of bogs, wetland mires that accumulate peat from dead plant material, usually sphagnum moss.
  • String bogs are also known as aapa moors or aapa mires (from Finnish "aapasuo") or Strangmoor (from the German).
  • In addition to fells and coniferous forests, mires are a typical landscape in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.
  • Ainderby Mires and Ainderby Steeple are also in the district, the latter refers to the local church spire, the former to marshy mires.
  • It is found in wetlands, bogs and mires.
  • Pomerania in Poland and eastern Germany is still thinly populated and holds many lakes, fens and mires.
  • Near Arona, on the morainic hills around Lake Maggiore, there is the Lagoni di Mercurago Nature Park which includes mires, pasture for horses and forests.
  • Permafrost has been found in many palsa mires in the Kevo and Utsjoki regions.
  • Nature reserve was established to protect Orkjärve Bog and Aude and Viisu mires.
  • This stink bug prefers the edges of heaths, moors and lowland mires.
  • This species is usually associated with the margins of bogs, wet heaths, mires and heathlands.
  • Drainage of mires due to climatic factors may also increase the risk of fires, presenting further risk of carbon and methane to release into the atmosphere.
  • These leafhoppers inhabit rough grassy areas, peat bogs and mires, wet meadows, near marshes or in swampy habitats, but sometimes live also in drier areas.
  • He began his career in film production as a messenger in Fernando Trueba's film "Sé infiel y no mires con quién".
  • The site is designated for habitats including calcium-rich springwater-fed fens - Alkaline fens; the southern damselfly ("Coenagrion mercuriale"); marsh fritillary butterfly "Euphydryas (Eurodryas, Hypodryas) aurinia"; purple moor-grass meadows - molinia meadows on calcareous, peaty or clayey-silt-laden soils ("Molinion caeruleae"); wet heathland with cross-leaved heath "Rhostiroedd gwlyb" - Northern Atlantic wet heaths with "Erica tetralix"; very wet mires often identified by an unstable 'quaking' surface - transition mires and quaking bogs; and blanket bogs.
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