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ADJ   naff | naffer | naffest
naff {adj} [Br.] [sl.]billig [geschmacklos]
naff {adj} [Br.] [coll.] [stupid]bescheuert [ugs.]
naff {adj} [Br.] [coll.]blöd [ugs.]
naff {adj} [Br.] [coll.]geschmacklos
naff {adj} [Br.] [coll.]ätzend [ugs.]
naff {adj} [Br.] [coll.]stillos
naff {adj} [Br.] [coll.]blöde [ugs.]
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Naff off! [Br.] [coll.]Hau ab! [ugs.]
Naff off! [Br.] [coll.]Verpiss dich! [vulg.]
affiliative need <n-affiliation, nAff>
Gesellungs­bedürfnis {n}
affiliative need <n-affiliation, nAff>
Affiliationsbedürfnis {n}
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need for affiliation <n-affiliation, nAff>
Anschlussmotiv {n}
need for affiliation <n-affiliation, nAff>
Affiliationsbedürfnis {n}
need for affiliation <n-affiliation, nAff>
Bedürfnis {n} nach Anschluss [Affiliationsmotiv]
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  • However, use of many other British words such as "naff" (slang but commonly used to mean "not very good") are unheard of in American English.
  • The script allowed the prisoners to swear without offending viewers by using the word "naff" in place of ruder words ("Naff off! ...
  • It's a place where anthemic choruses are lavished with occasionally naff lyrics and very occasional hints of greatness."
  • This was the idea of the art director, but the group themselves told him that they thought it was "very naff".
  • Eclair is married to Geoff Powell as of July 2017. She previously stated that marriages are naff. She is the mother of the playwright Phoebe Eclair-Powell (b. 1990).
  • I don't know why, but despite the impact of The Who's "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia", almost overnight concept albums were suddenly perceived as rather naff and pretentious".
  • In "White Line Fever", Lemmy calls "Bomber" "a transitional record" but admits "there are a couple of really naff tracks on it, like 'Talking Head.'" In 1980 interview with "Sounds", Clarke compared the LP unfavourably to "Ace of Spades", stating "Bomber" felt wrong.
  • episode "The Old Order Changes", Captain Peacock asks Mr Humphries to get "some strides for the omi with the naff riah" (i.e. ...
  • He praised Frida (about whom he claimed to have noticed a stronger Swedish accent than usual, although he doesn't consider this a bad thing) and Agnetha's vocals, calling them "pristine and moving", and wrote that even though the "songs can sound naff on first listen yet you’re pulled in by Benny Andersson’s melodic oomph and Bjorn Ulvaeus eccentric lyrical insights".
  • The collections are the old photographs, naff ceramics, glassware, jewelry, crystals, porcelain paintings and religious knick-knacks.
  • A more negative review in "The Guardian" described the songs as "weedy" and "naff", likening the album to "an Alan Partridge-presented country happy hour".
  • David Baddiel, who penned the original "Three Lions" anthem, described this version as "brilliantly naff".
  • Morgan says both he and McVey were left deeply embarrassed by the video, but he feels it has now become iconic as a "so naff and so 80s video" that is now seen as "so bad it's good".
  • In the 1970s British sitcom "Porridge", Ronnie Barker's character Fletcher regularly used "naff" as a minced oath in the phrase "naff off".
  • He also wore the jumper for People in Need Telethon, but Pat Kenny tended to wear a "naff" grey jumper when he was host.
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