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ADJ   neritic | more neritic | most neritic
neritic {adj}
neritic zone
neritische Zone {f}
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Übersetzung für 'neritic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

neritic {adj}

neritic zone
neritische Zone {f}biol.hydro.
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  • Found in the neritic provinces of the eastern Pacific Ocean from Kodiak Island, Alaska, to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California.
  • Krill occur worldwide in all oceans, although many individual species have endemic or neritic ("i.e.," coastal) distributions.
  • The family is found worldwide, mostly in tropical and subtropical silt and mud covered neritic zones.
  • The above characteristics make the neritic zone the location of the majority of sea life.
  • Its subdivisions include both the seafloor (benthic) and shelf pelagic (neritic) biotas of each marine region.
  • Deposited in open-marine, shallow-water on an inner neritic continental shelf. Underlies the St. Johns River area at least as far south as Deland, Volusia County.
  • The preferred natural habitat of "H. vorisi" is the neritic zone.
  • "M. virulenta" have been identified in waters off the coast of Japan in tropical and temperate waters of the neritic zone, notably the Seto Inland Sea.
  • Mainly distributed in the North Pacific region, such as: South Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan especially in central Honshu. Can be seen on rocks in intertidal zone and neritic zone.
  • Ommastrephids usually occur in pelagic waters, but can also be found in neritic habitats. They are found worldwide.
  • This marine species occurs in the Indo-Pacific. It is found in the neritic zone and resides in muddy sand and under rocks.
  • Currently, in the early Holocene, subsidence or possibly sea level rise of 100–200 feet contributed to deposits of a middle to outer neritic zone environment.
  • Early Miocene (Sanya formation): shale, sandstone, and shaly sandstone from littoral to neritic environment. The thickness is around 0–795 m.
  • "C. polypus" is found in the Indo-Pacific area and the Red Sea. It lives in the neritic zone at depths down to about 25 metres (80 ft).
  • Spionida is an order of marine polychaete worms in the infraclass Canalipalpata. Spionids are cosmopolitan and live in soft substrates in the littoral or neritic zones.
  • Golden grey mullet is a neritic species, usually inshore, entering lagoons, ports and estuaries, but rarely moves into freshwater.
  • It habitats are marine intertidal and marine neritic.
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