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neritic zone
neritische Zone {f}
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Übersetzung für 'neritic zone' von Englisch nach Deutsch

neritic zone
neritische Zone {f}biol.hydro.
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  • They settle in the rocky intertidal zone and undergo metamorphosis, living in cracks in the rocks as juveniles before migrating to the neritic zone where they mostly feed on drift algae and fronds of kelp.
  • The pelagic cormorant inhabits the shores and the neritic zone of the North Pacific.
  • However, most species of turrids are found in the neritic zone.
  • They mostly inhabit the neritic zone.
  • It has an extended habitat as it grows both high up the shore and in the neritic zone.
  • "C. polypus" is found in the Indo-Pacific area and the Red Sea. It lives in the neritic zone at depths down to about 25 metres (80 ft).
  • It is found on rocks, boulders and gravel in the neritic zone down to about one hundred metres but is occasionally found at greater depths.
  • "Ensis ensis" burrows into clean or silty sand on the seabed in the neritic zone and the low intertidal zone.
  • These bivalves normally live under the surface of sandy and muddy sediments, in the neritic zone.
  • It lives in the neritic zone below low water mark down to a depth of about one hundred metres.
  • The large necklace shell lives buried in the sand and gravel of the lower shore and the neritic zone to depths of 125 metres.
  • The neritic zone (or sublittoral zone) is the relatively shallow part of the ocean above the drop-off of the continental shelf, approximately [...] in depth.
  • "Annachlamys flabellata" is found on sandy seabeds in the neritic zone at depths of down to [...] on the coasts of the Australian states of Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales, in New Guinea and in Indonesia.
  • It is mainly found in shallow coastal and estuarine waters in the marine Neritic zone, usually less than [...] deep.
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