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oleanolic acid
Oleanolsäure {f}
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Übersetzung für 'oleanolic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

oleanolic acid
Oleanolsäure {f}chem.
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  • The plant contains oleanolic acid and ursolic acid. Ursolic acid has shown "in vitro" protective effects on auditory cells.
  • A 1996 study found that Ceodes umbellifera had six different saponins, with three of these being ‘new oleanolic acid saponins’.
  • Oleanolic acid or oleanic acid is a naturally occurring pentacyclic triterpenoid related to betulinic acid.
  • The leaves of many cultivars are high in oleanolic and ursolic acid.
  • Analysis of the methanolic extract of the aerial parts yields β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid and brassicasterol.
  • ("On oleanolic acid and some of its derivates").
  • Test on plant extracts identified the presence of the compounds beta-sitosterol, oleanolic acid, ursolic acid and a group of methylated flavonoids that includes 5-hydroxy-7,4'-dimethoxyflavone and triterpenoids.
  • Of triterpenes oleanolic type were also detected: the acid 2α, 3β, 19α, 23,24-pentahydroxyoléan-12-en-28-oic acid or trachélospérogénine E 8.
  • The constituents of ginseng include triterpene saponins, aglycone protopanaxadiol, aglycone protopanaxytriol, aglycone oleanolic acid and water-soluble polysaccharides.
  • Momordin is one of several saponins derived from oleanolic acid, a triterpenoid.
  • "Achyranthes aspera" contains triterpenoid saponins which possess oleanolic acid as the aglycone.
  • The seed pod contains two acidic saponins, swartziasaponin A and B and swartziagenin, a mixture of oleanolic and 0-acetyloleanolic acid.
  • A recent study on this plant by Vo Duy Huan and colleagues, has afforded to known oleanolic acid saponins from the leaves, and polyacetylenes from the roots.
  • The shrub also contains several compounds of interest which include oleanolic acids, ursolic acids, and betulinic acid. It was also used by First Nations people of Australia to treat dysentery.
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