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on its way {adv}unterwegs
Christmas is on the / its way.Es weihnachtet sehr.
sb./sth. is on his / her / its way tojd./etw. ist unterwegs nach
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  • Nutmeg was introduced in 1843, when a merchant ship called in on its way to England from the East Indies.
  • Dahl stated in a 2004 interview that disco was "probably on its way out the time.
  • On its way to the Museum of Flight in November 2003, G-BOAG set a New York City-to-Seattle speed record of 3 hours, 55 minutes, and 12 seconds.
  • "Cassini" measured plasma and fine dust grains while traversing the belt in 2000. On its way to Jupiter, "Juno" traversed the asteroid belt without collecting science data.
  • Mathilde was visited by the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft during June 1997, on its way to asteroid 433 Eros.
  • passes through bodies and affects them, but is not affected by them on its way through" Part of Mary Midgley's concern is that Richard Dawkins's account of "The Selfish Gene" serves as a moral and ideological justification for selfishness to be adopted by modern human societies as simply following "nature", providing an excuse for behavior with bad consequences for future human society.
  • While boiling, it is useful to recover some of the energy used to boil the wort. On its way out of the brewery, the steam created during the boil is passed over a coil through which unheated water flows.
  • Wet air from the prevailing westerly and southwesterly winds leads to precipitation in the Mittelgebirge ranges, while it warms up on its way further down to the Rhine Valley.
  • The Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily-based Global Hawk flies over Italian and French airspace and an air corridor through Germany with its sensors switched off on its way to its area of operations over the Baltic Sea.
  • The river Danube flows through Budapest on its way from (Germany) to the Black Sea.
  • In the third season of Apple TV+'s alternate history TV show "For All Mankind", the fictional NASA spaceship Sojourner 1 utilises solar sails for additional propulsion on its way to Mars.
  • This plan, which was well on its way to fruition despite the entreaties of Tswana leaders who toured England in protest, was eventually foiled by the failure of the Jameson Raid in January 1896.
  • During the naval expansion of Aegina during the Archaic Period, Kydonia was an ideal maritime stop for Aegina's fleet on its way to other Mediterranean ports controlled by the emerging sea-power Aegina.
  • The VCI, together with the VPI, is used to identify the next destination of a cell as it passes through a series of ATM switches on its way to its destination.
  • The "Bonus Army" marched through the state in 1932 on its way to Washington, D.C.
  • According to ADR politician Fred Keup, Luxembourgish is already on its way to complete replacement by French.
  • The Co-op became an important employer and landowner; when Leicester played host to the Jarrow March on its way to London in 1936, the Co-op provided the marchers with a change of boots.
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