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on landing {adv}
beim Landen
on landing {adv}
bei der Landung
on landing {adv} [ship etc.]
beim Anlegen
4 Wörter
emergency landing on water
Notwasserung {f}
landing on the moonLandung {f} auf dem Mond
toilet on the landingFlurtoilette {f}
5+ Wörter
to make a forced landing on water
auf dem Wasser notlanden
to make an emergency landing on the sea
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
A Landing on the Sun [Michael Frayn]
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  • The practice of "tail flicking" where, on landing, the tail is flicked up and lowered and the movement repeated persistently is thought to be a possible territorial display.
  • The 2nd Battalion jumped onto the airfield that day, with only one casualty-the Executive Officer broke his leg on landing.
  • The "Huygens" probe used a penetrometer on landing to characterize the mechanical properties of the local regolith.
  • s Wildcats and five Dauntlesses, plus another Dauntless crashed on landing.
  • Landing may be accomplished by controlled descent and set down on landing gear, with the possible addition of a post-landing attachment mechanism (such as the mechanism used by "Philae") for celestial bodies with low gravity.
  • The next player places hands on the first's back and leaps over by straddling legs wide apart on each side. On landing he stoops down and a third leaps over the first and second, and the fourth over all others successively.
  • In the ensuing war, all the Irish are killed save for five pregnant women who repopulate the island, while only seven of the Welsh survive to return home with Branwen, taking with them the severed head of Bendigeidfran. On landing in Wales at Aber Alaw Branwen dies of grief that so much destruction has been caused on her account.
  • Operating in a state heavier than air avoids the need to dump ballast at lift-off and also avoids the need to lose costly helium lifting gas on landing (most of the Zeppelins achieved lift with very inexpensive hydrogen, which could be vented without concern to decrease altitude).
  • They often have a higher chance than other fighting styles to score a knockout against their opponents because they focus on landing big, powerful hits, instead of smaller, faster attacks.
  • When landing in the sand-filled pit, the jumper should aim to avoid sitting back on landing or placing either hand behind the feet.
  • In "Star Trek", red-uniformed security officers and engineers who accompany the main characters on landing parties often suffer quick deaths.
  • All of the soldiers and sailors on board, as well as the women and children who accompanied them, were beheaded or hanged on landing in Kerry, in the Smerwick Massacre.
  • The first B-32 crashed on the same day it was delivered when the nose wheel collapsed on landing.
  • Bobs hindquarters on landing and sometimes when walking.
  • On landing, IC 814 requested immediate refuelling for the aircraft.
  • For launch vehicles and spacecraft landers, the landing gear usually only supports the vehicle on landing, and is not used for takeoff or surface movement.
  • VI of which 13 saw service, bombing Russia and London: four were shot down and six lost on landing.
  • Improper use of fireworks is dangerous, both to the person operating them (risks of burns and wounds) and to bystanders; in addition, they may start fires on landing.
  • The system has recently become so advanced that controllers can predict whether an aircraft will be delayed on landing before it even takes off; that aircraft can then be delayed on the ground, rather than wasting expensive fuel waiting in the air.
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