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on legal grounds {adv}aus rechtlichen Gründen
on whatever legal ground / grounds {adv}
gleich aus welchem Rechtsgrund
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  • This move was technically justified on legal grounds according to the provisions of the Hague Conventions on the laws of war.
  • However, identifying and challenging sex discrimination in the workplace (on legal grounds) has been argued as being extremely difficult for the average person to attempt and even harder to prove in court.
  • A defense is put forward by a party to defeat a suit or action brought against the party, and may be based on legal grounds or on factual claims.
  • Virgin had applied for a two-year extension, but this was ruled out by the Department of Transport on legal grounds.
  • It is an argument based less on legal grounds, and more on moral grounds.
  • ... Attorney General) was lost on legal grounds and the decision was upheld on appeal to the Supreme Court of Ireland which referred in its judgment to Christian moral teaching and the needs of society.
  • Although he disapproved of the Act on legal grounds, Hawley "prosecuted the cases vigorously … leaving the punishments to the court."
  • The use of graphology in the hiring process has been criticized on ethical grounds and on legal grounds in the United States.
  • Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith warned that justifying the invasion on legal grounds would be difficult.
  • On 21 November 2003, the trial judge acquitted Shaikh on legal grounds, and ordered that he be released.
  • The use and selection of pseudonyms is not standardized in U.S. courts. The practice was rare prior to 1969, and is sometimes objected to on legal grounds.
  • The first division that was done in Spain on legal grounds would be during the Roman Empire.
  • The decision to delay was later threatened on legal grounds by the Labour Party who challenged it in the Supreme Court.
  • Though they recognized that medical care had been written into Treaty 6, the government provided health services on humanitarian rather than on legal grounds.
  • Society members again proposed a resolution in 2001 for another vote by Nationwide members to convert the society to a bank. The resolution was rejected by the Nationwide board on legal grounds.
  • Mollath attempted to appeal the ruling as the court did consider him guilty of assault (yet had to acquit him on legal grounds), but his appeal was rejected because the reasons for an acquittal technically cannot be grounds for an appeal.
  • The decision has been criticized on legal grounds for ignoring statute and precedence for an outcome that denied natural justice and has been criticized by Marxist scholars as a decision that was thinly veiled class oppression, particularly citing Loughborough's choice of words.
  • The Financial Transaction Tax can no longer be blocked by the Council of the European Union on legal grounds, but each individual EU member state is still entitled to launch legal complaints against the FTT if approved to the European Court of Justice, potentially annulling the scheme.
  • The State Migration Service issues appropriate permits for foreigners and stateless persons coming to Azerbaijan to live and work on legal grounds, simplifying the procedure of their registration at the place of residence, and ensuring transparency in these processes.
  • The school district attempted to stop the strike on legal grounds, but a judge allowed it to proceed.
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