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NOUN   an on-load switch | on-load switches
on-load switch
Lastschalter {m}
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Übersetzung für 'on-load switch' von Englisch nach Deutsch

on-load switch
Lastschalter {m}electr.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The "Special Missions" version also adds an additional requirement in which the user must also own a copy of the original "Metal Gear Solid" in PAL format in order to start the game - after booting "Special Missions" on the console, the player will be asked to switch the disc with the first disc from "Metal Gear Solid" to load data before asking the player to switch back to the "Special Missions" disc to proceed through the rest of the game.
  • Since semiconductor or solid-state dimmers switch quickly between a low resistance "on" state and a high resistance "off" state, they dissipate very little power compared with the controlled load.
  • Wear and life are almost entirely dependent on the electrical load's effect on the contacts along with the properties of the specific reed switch used.
  • Programming required the toggling of the switches to positions corresponding to the desired 8080 microprocessor instruction or opcode in binary, then used the "DEPOSIT NEXT" switch to load that instruction into the next address of the machine's memory.
  • This allows the weaver to load and switch weave drafts in seconds without even getting up from the loom.
  • In other words, if the controlling input signal is applied at any point during the AC output wave other than very close to the zero voltage point of that wave, the output of the switching device will "wait" to switch on until the output AC wave reaches its next zero point.
  • Operated by switches on the instrument panel or a key switch on the rear quarter panel, the tailgate slid into a recess under the cargo floor while the electric window slid upward into the rear roof section.
  • This interconnect comprised two devices, code-named "Elan" (adapter) and "Elite" (switch).
  • Consideration must be given to the possibility that this technique may cause individual clients to switch between individual servers in mid-session.
  • This is achieved by storing the data always in one fixed endianness or carrying with the data a switch to indicate the endianness.
  • For incandescent lamp loads, a "lamp module" or "wall switch" module can be used.
  • Multi-layer switches are capable of routing based on layer 3 addressing or additional logical levels.
  • In a grounded-emitter transistor circuit, such as the light-switch circuit shown, as the base voltage rises, the emitter and collector currents rise exponentially.
  • A contact breaker (or "points") is a type of electrical switch, found in the ignition systems of spark-ignition internal combustion engines.
  • You have probably noticed a dimming of lights in your home when you turn a switch or start the dryer or the television set.
  • Some panelboards are provided with a door covering the breaker switch handles, but all are constructed with a "dead front"; that is to say the front of the enclosure (whether it has a door or not) prevents the operator of the circuit breakers from contacting live electrical parts within.
  • High frequency PWM power control systems are easily realisable with semiconductor switches.
  • An automatic power factor correction unit consists of a number of capacitors that are switched by means of contactors.
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