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NOUN   an ootheca | oothecae
Oothek {f}
Eikapsel {f}
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Übersetzung für 'ootheca' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Oothek {f}entom.zool.

Eikapsel {f}zool.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • elegans" hatched from a single ootheca and reared under the same conditions can show color variation between tones of red, green, and yellow.
  • The ootheca of the New Zealand mantis has eggs arranged in two rows, quite different from the messier egg mass of "Miomantis caffra".
  • A female produces an ootheca within a few days of mating and can produce several before she ends her lifecycle.
  • The clutch of eggs is protected by an ootheca or egg-case.
  • Several days later, an ootheca is laid and placed by the female into her brood sac.
  • Female cockroaches produce an egg sac known as an ootheca and can hold anywhere from 12-25 eggs depending upon the species.
  • Another wasp species, "Anastatus floridanus", is also an ootheca parasite of "E.
  • The wasp species "Hyptia harpyoides" parasitizes the ootheca of "P. uhleriana", as well as "P. virginica" and "P pensylvanica". The last instar larva of the wasp overwinters inside the ootheca.
  • The wasp lands on the ootheca and drums on it with her antennae.
  • The female lays eggs in the soil within an ootheca that can hold 25 to 55 eggs wrapped in a spongy secretion.
  • The female "Tarachodes afzelii" lays a batch of up to two hundred eggs contained in a cryptically-coloured ootheca.
  • The ootheca (egg case) is [...] long, is curved, and has indentations that show where the eggs are located.
  • The ootheca protects the eggs from microorganisms, parasitoids, predators, and weather; the ootheca maintains a stable water balance through variation in its surface, as it is porous in dry climates to protect against desiccation, and smooth in wet climates to protect against oversaturation.
  • Nymphs are brown-striped and arise from small, globular oothecae that are reddish brown in color.
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