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Pachyostose {f}
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Übersetzung für 'pachyostosis' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Pachyostose {f}zool.
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  • Of the remaining two monospecific genera, "Struthionops intermedius" known from a single skull, possesses a naso-frontal boss moderate pachyostosis and a fairly short snout.
  • In "Anteosaurus", pachyostosis mainly occurs in the form of horn-shaped supraorbital protuberances.
  • However, how terrestrial these animals were is difficult to say, as their pachyostosis and other adaptations for an aquatic lifestyle would have made foraging on land difficult.
  • The extreme pachyostosis was suggested to have been a protection against attacks by crocodiles.
  • Young plesiosaurs show pachyostosis, an extreme density of the bone tissue, which would have decreased buoyancy.
  • The genus is related to modern South Asian river dolphin and is distinguished by pachyostosis in the spinous processes of the postcervical vertebrae.
  • The body structure of such has an overall flattened morphology and distinctively severe pachyostosis.
  • Pachyosteosclerosis is a combination of thickening (pachyostosis) and densification (osteosclerosis) of bones.
  • Sirenians exhibit pachyostosis, a condition in which the ribs and other long bones are solid and contain little or no bone marrow.
  • Although hesperornithiforms probably lost their flight abilities by the end of the Early Cretaceous, minimal pachyostosis in "Brodavis" suggests the possibility of some volant abilities.
  • In the Anteosaurinae, pachyostosis is taken to extremes.
  • The intertemporal region is very broad and the cranial roof greatly thickened by pachyostosis.
  • Any pachyostosis of the ribs is absent in "Serpianosaurus" specimens.
  • It can be distinguished by other rubidgeines by its lack of cranial pachyostosis and rugosoties, and by its relatively small orbits.
  • Pachyostosis is a non-pathological condition in vertebrate animals in which the bones experience a thickening, generally caused by extra layers of lamellar bone.
  • It was [...] long, with [...] long skull and had a mass of [...] with a variable snout length, variable pachyostosis with a nasofrontal boss raised into a horn-like shape.
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