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pachyostotic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'pachyostotic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

pachyostotic {adj}
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  • The vertebrae and ribs of "Eupodophis" are pachyostotic, or thickened, as an adaptation to a marine lifestyle.
  • suessi" and none of them are pachyostotic. The shoulder girdle is placed after the tenth presacral and the following vertebrae connect to large, pachyostotic ribs.
  • The discovery of pachyostotic thickening of the limb bones and vertebrae supports this theory.
  • The skull is large with a heavily pachyostotic skull roof, a massive bony frontals and a short weak "Moschops"-like snout."
  • The neural arches grow to be more swollen moving anterior to posterior, indicative of pachyostotic nature.
  • "Ankylosphenodon" is thought to have been an aquatic reptile due to its pachyostotic skeleton and other anatomical features often seen in aquatic animals.
  • and belongs to the order Hupehsuchia, whose members are characterized by toothless beak-like snouts, a row of dermal plates along their backs, and aquatic adaptations including paddle-shaped limbs and fusiform bodies with pachyostotic ribs.
  • The dorsal vertebrae have no elongated transverse processes, but the zygapophyses are very pachyostotic.
  • They have heavy skeletons to help them stay submerged; the bones are pachyostotic (swollen) and osteosclerotic (dense), especially the ribs which are often found as fossils.
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