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Planula {f}
planula hypothesis [also: Planula hypothesis]
Planula-Hypothese {f}
planula larva
Planulalarve {f} [auch: Planula-Larve]
planula theory
Planula-Theorie {f}
planula larva stage
Planulalarvenstadium {n}
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  • The cycle begins with a planula larvae. This planula will continue to swim until it finds a substrate that it can use as support.
  • A planula is the free-swimming, flattened, ciliated, bilaterally symmetric larval form of various cnidarian species and also in some species of Ctenophores.
  • Fertilized eggs then develop into a jellyfish larvae stage called a planula.
  • Like most corals, "Goniopora columna" reproduce asexually. They usually feed on plankton. Mature gametes are spawned through the mouth. The zygote develops into a planktonic planula larva.
  • Like most corals, "Tubastraea faulkneri" reproduce asexually. They are hermaphrodites. Mature gametes are spawned through the mouth. The zygote develops into a planktonic planula larva.
  • "M. planula" may refer to a few different species.
  • Once the planula larvae are formed from the fertilized egg, the larvae settle onto the substrates and then become s.
  • The fertilised eggs develop into planula larvae which disperse, settle on the seabed, undergo metamorphosis and develop into new individuals.
  • pruvoti" involves high fecundity, a short incubation time for the embryos, small planula larvae and rapid maturation.
  • Acoela resemble the planula larvae of some Cnidaria, which exhibit some bilaterian symmetry.
  • Sexual reproduction produces a larva called a planula which once on the seabed develops into a new individual.
  • After fertilisation, the planula larva forms part of the plankton before settling on the seabed, undergoing metamorphosis and developing into a juvenile sea anemone.
  • While adults are sessile, planula larvae have the ability to swim or crawl before settling on substrate and undergoing metamorphoses.
  • This fusion results in free swimming planula larva that eventually sinks to the bottom or finds a hard surface to attach to.
  • Fertilization is external and the zygote develops into a pear-shaped planula which attaches to rocks or solid substrate and develops into a young adult.
  • Embryos develop in two to three days leading to a planula larvae.
  • Unlike other cnidarians, anemones (and other Anthozoa) entirely lack the free-swimming medusa stage of the life cycle; the polyp produces eggs and sperm, and the fertilized egg develops into a planula that develops directly into another polyp.
  • The planulae is now formed. An oral pore and pharynx form by invagination of the ectoderm 24 hours after fertilization.
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