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NOUN   a pneumothorax | pneumothoraxes / pneumothoraces
pneumothorax <PT>
Pneumothorax {m}
Pneu {m} [Fachjargon] [Pneumothorax]
pneumothorax <PT>
Gasbrust {f}
catamenial pneumothorax <CPT>
katamenialer Pneumothorax {m}
spontaneous pneumothorax
Spontanpneumothorax {m}
tension pneumothorax
Spannungs­pneumothorax {m}
valvular pneumothorax
Ventilpneumothorax {m}
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  • A pulmonary laceration can cause air to leak out of the lacerated lung Pulmonary laceration invariably results in pneumothorax (due to torn airways), hemothorax (due to torn blood vessels), or a hemopneumothorax (with both blood and air in the chest cavity).
  • "Stratosphere sign" is a clinical medical ultrasound finding usually in an eFAST examination that can prove presence of a pneumothorax.
  • Some sources claim this entity represents 3 to 6% of pneumothorax in women.
  • They are typically used to treat open, or "sucking," chest wounds (open pneumothorax) to alleviate or prevent a tension pneumothorax (a serious complication of a simple pneumothorax).
  • Hemopneumothorax, or haemopneumothorax, is the condition of having both air (pneumothorax) and blood (hemothorax) in the chest cavity.
  • A pneumothorax is a hole in the pleura covering the lung allowing air in the lung to escape into the pleural cavity.
  • The incidence of pneumothorax is highest with subclavian vein catheterization due to its anatomic proximity to the apex of the lung.
  • On radiological studies, pneumothorax is visualized using conventional chest x-rays and CT scans.
  • Pneumothorax ex vacuo is a rare type of pneumothorax which forms adjacent to an atelectatic lobe.
  • Mach effect can also lead to an erroneous diagnosis of pneumothorax by creating a dark line at the lung periphery (whereas a true pneumothorax will have a white pleural line).
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